Yin 2My Yang: NYC Influencer Sisters Charlotte & Sophie Bickley on Being Individual

Photo by Mike Petrie


Meet your next favorite blogger duo: Charlotte & Sophie Bickley. The NYC based fashion influencers are rocking the streets with a catchy tagline, Yin 2My Yang. Referencing the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang that combines two contrasts to create a whole, the fashionista sisters have their differences, yet couldn’t be more inseparable. Doing what they love, the perfect pair are on a mission to spread what they stand for: being individual.

Photo by Carly Tumen

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How was Yin 2My Yang created and what is it all about?

Yin 2My Yang was created in April 2016 by the two of us when we realized that we had something different and unique to offer to the world of blogging/influencers and the age of Instagram. Instead of being just one individual person with one sense of style and one aesthetic, we are two very different, but equally as stylish, individuals who have two very unique and different styles that we felt could attract larger audiences. Maybe some people could relate more to Sophie’s style and look, while some people might be able to relate more to Charlotte’s, with the hope of gaining a wide enough audience that can appreciate both of our styles and their differences. We knew that other sister bloggers were out in the industry and that they existed, but we had never seen two sisters that were so strikingly different and quite opposite in many aspects of their lives.

Once we realized that this niche in the industry had not been saturated, Yin 2My Yang was born. Yin 2My Yang is very much all about the literal Chinese philosophy of yin and yang and the role that the two forces play in the balance of the universe. The philosophy describes how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary and that is honestly what Yin 2My Yang is all about. We are two sisters who both love fashion, but look different, have very different personalities, have different tastes in style, have different looks, lead different lifestyles, yet come together at the end of the day to create something that is actually quite beautiful and complimentary through our fashion blog, allowing us to express our unique styles and our personalities as well. It has become a great platform to influence so many and to express our personal styles as sisters at the same time.

Photo by Carly Tumen

What is your favorite part about working together as sisters?

Working with your sister is a blast but can also get messy at times. For us, the best part of working together as sisters is that we already know each other so well and have such love and respect for each other that it has become really easy for us to come up with ideas and grow our business whenever we want, with little hesitation or fuss. When one of us comes up with an idea, the other one usually loves it and vice versa. It’s taken some time for us to get to this point but now that we have gotten there, it is easy to work with each other. When you work with your sister, you know that at the end of the day, she will always have your back and she will be honest too! Two aspects that are very important in running a successful business.

To answer the real question though, the absolute BEST part about working together as sisters is being able to bask in any of the success we get from our business together and being able to look at each other and know that we are so proud of each other and how far we have come, knowing we have both contributed so much to get to this point. We inspire each other every day and make each other better people, both professionally and otherwise. Knowing that our expressing ourselves truly, as the sisters and individuals that we are, and that this platform of expression has helped influence other people’s lives for the better, means the world to us. Couldn’t think of a better coworker to grow a business with!

Photo by Mike Petrie

How do you complement each other both personally and in your style?

We truly are the yin to each other’s yang and vice versa. When it comes to complementing each other personally, we physically look completely different. Sophie being a brunette with brown eyes and taller than Charlotte, while Charlotte is a petite blonde with hazel eyes offering a completely different look based on our physical appearances alone. Sometimes people do not even believe that we are sisters! However, these personal physical differences are what make our blog special and different. The tall brunette next to the petite blonde somehow works and creates a beautiful image that our followers like to see. Usually our followers can relate to one, if not both of us. Personally, we also have quite different personalities which we love to play off each other. Sophie is much more about business development and coming up with strategic ideas to help our growth as a blog, while Charlotte specializes in the creativity and nails all of our creative projects on the head, including posting on our Instagram in the most aesthetically pleasing way that matches our style. We both love to have fun and you’ll always find Sophie struggling to balance holding her handbag and a drink in hand at events, while Charlotte will probably just be holding a cute little handbag looking calm and pretty.

In terms of style, we both love each other’s individual styles but don’t find that they suit us both. Charlotte usually dresses way more feminine and girly and is always very on trend, while Sophie tends to dress more spontaneously and adds a more eccentric vibe through her look. The two styles or outfits we end up wearing always end up balancing each other out and creating a perfect image of two different girls with the same passion who express it in different ways – both of which are appealing to our followers. We also love to show how we complement each other’s styles (and this also applies to complementing each other physically) by wearing the same item in an outfit, for example the same skirt, but wearing them in different ways – showing our followers how a taller more “Sophie like girl” would wear the look and how a more petite “Charlotte like girl” would wear the look. Charlotte might dress this skirt up with a pair of heels and a cute blouse, making it girly. Sophie, in the same skirt, might tuck in a graphic tee shirt and pair it with sneakers, making it more casual. This is something that we love to do to complement each other’s personal styles via our physical differences and style preferences.

Photo by Mike Petrie

As influencers, you have a big impact on your followers. Is there one message or motto you try to get across?

Always be yourself, do your thing and live your live how you want to live it, and express yourself through fashion/style in whatever way you want. Always be kind and always be inclusive. These are the major messages that we want and try to get across to our followers. As influencers, we are here to help our followers with issues that even extend outside the borders of fashion and style, and we love this about our engagement. We love and appreciate our followers so much so we always try to make sure that our relationship with them is strong. We often engage in conversations with followers in our Instagram direct messages and are sure to pay attention to any comments we get so that we can respond to our followers and try to convey the message mentioned above in the way that we do respond. We want to influence our followers to be themselves and also be the most stylish version of themselves, whatever that might mean to them. We also want to influence our followers to always be kind and include other people, which is why we are only positive on our blog and make sure that we connect with our loyal followers who have helped us grow to what we are today, through being kind and inclusive with them.

What is one fashion item you could not live without?

We each have our own answer to this one. Sophie cannot live without a good pair of high waisted jeans. They serve as a staple piece for any outfit and can be paired with anything that you want to pair them with, whether it’s a cropped number or something you tuck in. You can dress them up or down and wear a variety of different looks with them.

Charlotte cannot live without a good quality black leather jacket. Just like a pair of high waisted jeans, a good leather jacket can serve as the staple piece to add to any outfit to give it that extra edgy flair. You can even dress up sweatpants with a leather jacket! Long live the leather jacket!!

What is your favorite fashion trend for this summer?

Statement earrings are everything this summer season! They can make any summer outfit and serve as the staple piece. There are so many options out there, whether it’s a pair of colorful tassel earrings, big gold hoop earrings (thin or chunky), acrylic hoops earrings, oversized flower stud earrings, a fun ear cuff and so many more. Earrings are a fashion accessory to definitely play around with and have fun with for the summer season, especially because of all the color that they can add. Throw on your favorite pair of denim shorts, a white top, your statement earrings, and a pair of slide sandals, wedges, or your trendy sneaks, and you’re ready for wherever your summer night takes you. They truly have the ability to bring your summer look to the next level and there are so many to choose from!

Are you working on any cool projects at the moment?

Yes, we are actually working on a couple exciting projects at the moment, but we are really excited about a particular project that we just recently started! We have recently partnered with Bumble, the social connectivity platform with a mission to empower others. It only takes one person to break the ice in order for a life changing relationship to form. Whether it’s dating, meeting new friends or networking in your professional field, Bumble provides the perfect platform that encourages making the first move in all three verticals with Bumble, Bumble Bizz, and Bumble BFF. A very exciting project we are involved in is with Bumble. We are very excited to be representing the NYC community for Bumble and are very enthusiastic about any projects, such as this, that give us the opportunity to empower others and to raise awareness and spread the word. As part of this project, we will be planning multiple events throughout the summer at hot spots in NYC and maybe even in the Hamptons. We can’t wait to share more details about this exciting new venture, stay tuned for more!

How do you define beauty?

Beauty in our society is often defined by the exterior, but for us what really defines beauty is what comes from within. We have found this to be true in the two years that we have been in the blogging industry, and have always been raised to believe that true beauty is actually not superficial and is not defined by the exterior. While this definition might be contrary to that of “the norm” in the fashion industry, where many only judge the beauty from the exterior, we have found that true beauty shines through when someone is kind and compassionate from within. We have both been raised to believe kindness and confidence are synonymous with beauty, as well as compassion. Confidence to be your realest self and to own every aspect of how you choose to express that self, and to spread kindness towards others as well as towards ourselves. To put it into a clear definition, beauty, to us, is the ability to exude one’s individual kindness, compassion, and confidence from within and spread it out into the universe, creating only positivity and comforting, pleasing feelings to others, while also creating an emotional connection that can make someone feel as happy or amazed inside as they would feel if they were looking at the perfect sunset. Probably not what you will find in the dictionary.

For some serious style inspo, follow Charlotte & Sophie on Instagram @yin2myyang and check out their website on www.yin2myyang.com. Maybe they’ll inspire you to find your own Yin to your Yang!

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