Workout Apps to Get You Up & Moving This Summer

Ngo Okafor and his trainees after his class at CLAY Health Club & Spa

Having trouble motivating to get yourself to the gym or out on that daily run this summer. We have two apps to download onto your phone that’ll get you moving!

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A Certified Fitness Trainer at Your Service

With the MeUndo app you can have a certified fitness trainer come to you wherever you are. Whether you’re on vacation, your lunch break or at home, MeUndo provides you with a platform to book a certified trainer anywhere, anytime, any place. Available for DOWNLOAD on Google Play and Apple Play.

The app lets you look for local personal trainers at your own time. You can determine your own cost budget and decide the workout locale.  This platform is slated to connected people to  273,500 personal trainers in the United States and worldwide.

When you log onto the app, each available personal trainer has a profile with their professional information, pictures, videos, pricing, reviews and ratings. Based on their preferences, you select a trainer and then set up a session anywhere you choose. The app has a timer to track sessions, a payment method with build-in security, and a rating feature for users to evaluate their personal trainers. Think Uber (or Lyft) for personal training.

Find A Workout Buddy!

If you’re looking to link about with a fitness buddy, meet FitMatch. 

Founded by Ngo Okafor – NYC fitness expert, trainer to celebrities like Chanel Iman, and former Golden Gloves Champion boxer – this new Yelp-meets-Tinder fitness app is designed to connect liked-minded fitness enthusiasts so app users can find a workout buddy and enjoy the social aspects of working out while pushing themselves to workout harder.

Fun fact: Studies show that people that work out with a partner, exercise 200 percent longer than those doing it alone.

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