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Work in Winter for a Sexy Summer Shape

| March 25, 2015 | Reply


As we change seasons from winter to spring, there is one more thing that is looming – the dreaded “bathing suit season”. Yes, with summer only a few months away, it is time to remember the saying “Summer Bodies are made in Winter”. If you want your body to look amazing on the beach, then now is the time to start focusing on your figure.

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When my patients look great their confidence increases and they begin to feel great too. When we’re at our best, we carry ourselves differently, and everything in our lives seems better and brighter. So, how can you start working on that summer physique? I always suggest healthy food choices and a regular exercise routine to my patients. Sometimes, however,  despite diet and exercise, there are areas of our bodies that need improvement. Maybe it’s Cellulite or Stretch Marks that has you avoiding the beach, or that last 5 pounds that you just can’t seem to loose in your thighs or stomach. In other cases, it could be that your bust needs a boost or your tush could be tighter. Regardless of what area of your body is getting you frustrated, there is a procedure that can help you into that new bikini in confidence!

A Solution to Cellulite

With over 80% of women suffering from Cellulite, it’s no wonder that many of my female patients are most concerned about lumps and dimples on their buttocks and thighs. The most effective treatment available for cellulite is a minimally invasive treatment called Cellulaze. This innovative laser procedure gets to the root of the problem by targeting the structure of cellulite from under the skin! The powerful Cellulaze system delivers laser energy which releases the dimples, melts protruding fat and thickens the skin – resulting in  smoother looking skin in a single treatment. A very small tube, called a cannula, is inserted under the skin through a tiny incision to deliver energy exactly where it is needed. This energy is first utilized to diminish the lumpy pockets of fat that protrude though the fibrous bands under your skin. It then is directed to release the fibrous bands that pull the skin inward creating that unwanted dimpling look and finally to increase the depth and quality of your skin. Unlike existing cellulite laser treatments that utilize radio frequency or light energy on the outside of the skin, Cellulaze fights cellulite at the source, from under the skin, to smooth the connective tissue between fat cells that cause cellulite.

If you have mild to moderate cellulite on your buttocks, legs, thighs or even your abdomen or arms and are at your ideal weight, as well as in good health this procedure could be for you. Initial results can be seen in 1-3 months with full results at 6+ months.

Stretch Marks? No Way!

Stretch Marks tend to appear at puberty on areas such as the buttocks, thighs, arms, stomach and breasts. Similar to Cellulite, there is a genetic component to stretch marks, however they can also appear from weight loss and gain such as with pregnancy. Just because stretch marks are common does not mean you have to live with them.

Palomar Icon non-ablative laser is FDA-cleared to treat Stretch Marks for both light and dark skin tones. This non-surgical treatment works by using pulses of fractional laser light to break down stretch marks and help your body to create new tissue. In just a few treatments redness and stretch marks are significantly reduced. Each session is about 30 minutes, and is ideal for all types of stretch marks no matter what caused them. Patients can resume regular activities and go back to work after a treatment.

Body Contouring with Liposuction

Areas of unwanted fat are common in both women and men. Smartlipo is a state-of-the-art laser-assisted technology offering less discomfort, minimal risks and a reduced recovery time as compared with traditional liposuction. Smartlipo is a minimally-invasive procedure designed exclusively to perform laser-assisted lipolysis, also known as “Laser Liposuction.” A very thin tube with the Smartlipo laser fiber is inserted under the skin through a small incision, targeting fatty areas and delivering thermal energy directly to fat cells. The laser melts the fat, which is then  removed with gentle suction. My favorite aspect of Smartlipo is that it also tightens the skin to firm up areas of skin laxity.

Smartlipo can be used on any areas of unwanted fat such as on the face, neck, stomach, back, arms and thighs. It is also used for men who have excess fat on their chest (gynecomastia). Depending on the areas being treated and the size of each area, the procedure can take a few hours and is performed in my office-based operating suite.  Most patients see results within 1-3 months with continued improvement over 6+ months.

Breast Augmentation, Lift or Reduction

Breast Augmentation is the process of enlarging and improving the shape of female breasts with the use of silicone or saline implants. This procedure can be achieved by using small incisions either in the fold under the breast, around the areolas or in the folds of the armpits. The results, for my patients, are natural-looking and beautifully shaped breasts. For women who have drooping breasts from weight loss, age or post-pregnancy there is a breast lift which reduces the skin of the breast and raises the position restoring youthful perkiness. There are some women who can benefit from breast reduction surgery when their large breasts cause back problems. Breast Reduction is the removal of excess breast tissue and skin and restructuring the breasts to a more comfortable size for the patient.

Any of these breast procedures will restore your confidence in your swimsuit this summer season.

Never let them see you Sweat!

Millions of men and women suffer from hyperhydrosis, also known as excessive sweating of the underarms. This type of sweating can be embarrassing in both professional and personal situations.  In the past, excess sweating treatment options included: topicals, injections of Botox, and other surgical options which only provided temporary relief and resulted in recurrences of sweating.  My office offers a one-time procedure to treat hyperhidrosis with long-term  results.  It is called Precision TX™, and it is one of the most advanced approaches to dealing with excessive sweating.

Precision TX for hyperhydrosis is designed to target the sweat glands in the underarm area and uses laser energy to dissipate them so that they cannot over-produce. This is a long lasting solution to the bothersome problem of excessive sweating. Precision TX for hyperhydrosis is a one hour minimally-invasive procedure performed in my office using a local numbing medicine. It requires little downtime with no side effects and is a perfect procedure to get you ready for the summer or any special occasion.

Face the World with confidence

Summer is also a time for fresh dewy skin with less makeup. Taking care of your skin is essential to looking amazing. The end of winter is a great time of the year to revitalize your skin, improve its texture, and appear smoother and younger.

Whether its dull, dry skin, fine lines, discoloration or acne scars that have you hiding your face behind makeup, we have a solution. I offer all types of skin rejuvenation in my office from gentle peels to Fotofacials to the hottest new PicoSure Laser Facial.  I will customize a treatment plan to your skin’s needs and have you looking fresh faced for summertime.

Depending on the option you choose, many of the skin refining treatments I offer have little to no downtime and can be performed on your face, neck, upper chest, arms and hands! And don’t forget the sun protection! Beautiful skin needs to be protected year round with a broad spectrum SPF such as Elta MD.

As always, I invite you to visit my office by scheduling a consultation. You may have many questions about the procedures we offer and I would be happy to answer them for you. My goal is to make you look your very best so that your confidence soars higher than the fireworks on Independence Day. Feel free to call our office at 212.988.5656 or email us at [email protected]. Mention BELLA Blog to take advantage of our special offer! Here’s to a wonderful Spring and Summer!!

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