Why You’ll Always Want To Wear Sunscreen


Summertime fun in the sun, also means sunscreen and skincare at Plastic Surgery of New York. Marc J. Elkowitz MD, FACS, having treated over 10,000 patients, has extensive experience in treating sun damaged skin and skin cancer. Dr Elkowitz sits down with us to talk about the importance of sunscreen this summer, and how to take preventative measures against the dangers of the sun.

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Why is Sunscreen so important?

Sunscreen is particularly important when you are more susceptible to sun damage and acute injury from the sun. Very light skin individuals who go away on a Caribbean vacation during the winter are a great example of this. It is particularly important to protect your skin from the sun, as those times are when severe sunburns and sun damage are likely.

How harmful is sun exposure?

It is widely accepted that sun exposure can be dangerous and damaging to our skin. The problems associated with sun exposure range everywhere from severe burns and skicancers to sun damage and prematurely aged skin. Sunscreen has become so popular because a good sunscreen blocks some of those affects of sun exposure. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is not our friend and is generally blamed for those damaging affects.

What is the difference between store-bought sunscreen and medical grade sunscreen from your office?

A good sunscreen is important because it blocks those ultraviolet rays. There have been many different sunscreens that have evolved over the years ranging from chemical sunscreens to physical sunscreen. Plastic surgery of New York offers sunscreens that are a combination of both chemical sunscreens as well as zinc oxide, which acts as a physical sunscreen. One of the greatest recent advances in sunscreen is the use of micronized zinc oxide. This is not the zinc that our parents used, with thick pasted white noses at the beach. Micronized zinc oxide is special because it rubs in so well that it is almost invisible, yet still has great sunblock efficiency.

What do your patients usually use for sunscreen?

The sunscreens that I offer to my patients include our Skin Shield Sunscreen, Post-operative Skin Shield Sunscreen, Tinted Skin Shield Sunscreen for the face and a sunscreen for kids. Because of popular demand, we have recently added a Body SPF Sunscreen Spray that has 12% zinc oxide that easily sprays on smoothly and absorbs into skin. Another popular product is the Tinted Skin Shield Sunscreen, which can help if the zinc sunblock leaves a slightly visible halo. Overall, these products are very popular and very effective. In fact, my family and I use them and know firsthand how well they work.

Why is your line of sunscreen so popular?

The patients often ask why my sunscreen products are better than those that they can buy in the store. There are a few simple answers to that. The sunscreens that we offer all meet my standards for chemical and physical sunblock properties. My patients know that when they buy the sunscreen here, they are getting exactly what they need. Our products are competitively priced, and equally important is the overall quality of the product and the packaging. My patients simply enjoy using these products. The best sunblock in the world is useless, if you do not put it on and use it! When I was designing my product line, every product was scrutinized for usability and comfort. Using a good sunscreen regularly is a great start to a good skin care regimen and beautiful looking skin. We have many different skin care products of the finest quality to help you to achieve these goals.

Marc J. Elkowitz MD, FACS is Board Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and The American Board of Surgery. He has also been recognized by Castle Connolly as a Top Doctor in Plastic Surgery and Top Doctor in the nation.  If you would like to explore any products from our skincare line discussed in this article or other cosmetic procedures, please visit www.PlasticSurgeryofNewYork.com or call Dr. Marc J. Elkowitz and his team to schedule a complimentary consultation at (855) PSNY-123.

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