By Sari Beth Rosenberg

Looking to unleash your inner rock star while pounding off major calories? POUND should already be your workout obsession.

LA drummers, fitness buffs and POUND creators Cristina Perenboom and Kirsten Potenza combined drumming with traditional Pilates and isometric and plyometric moves to create a full-body cardio jam workout. This sneak attack sweat fest has you burning 600-800 calories in just one session. When you bang the specially designed weighted drum sticks (Ripstix) in the air and on the ground to each carefully programmed playlist ranging from hip hop to dub step to hard rock, you get a fun and therapeutic full body toning experience in just 45 minutes.

So are you ready to POUND it out this summer? The class is taught throughout the United States (at Crunch gyms) as well as internationally. You can also do the POUND workout at home (or by the pool!) when you subscribe to the VIP Backstage Pass (an online platform with workouts and health tips) or get the 4-DVD set. Cristina and Kirsten even designed a Pound clothing line so you can truly sweat it out in style.

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