As our days get longer and warmer, we all want to amp up our fitness regimens. Making sure you stay injury-free is a key part of this process. There are so many different movement specialists around the city, but it’s difficult to find the time to cruise from office to office to get the treatment you need.

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The Urban Wellness Clinic is an efficient and convenient solution for everyone from fitness enthusiasts to elite athletes. Dr. Emily Kiberd, a chiropractic doctor, founded the Urban Wellness Clinic with the goal of creating a one-stop shop of the best movement experts in one location.  As a result, the following services are offered in their luxe midtown office:

–       chiropractic treatment

–       acupuncture treatment

–       nutritional therapy

–       physical therapy

–       personal training

–       yoga therapy

–       full immersion care

–       corporate wellness

uwc interior 2

uwc interior

We were lucky enough to sit down with Dr. Emily Kiberd and learn more about the Urban Wellness Clinic. She also shared some really helpful fitness and wellness tips!

 Interview with Dr. Emily Kiberd

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How did your work as a chiropractor lead you to creating the Urban Wellness Clinic?

Dr. Kiberd: Curiously observing how people move all the time. People are like snowflakes, one approach will help one person but that same thing will not resonate with another, hence why Urban Wellness Clinic evolved into this synched multi-approach team. I was trained as a chiropractor with a solid medical background but consider myself more of a movement specialist who loves to surround herself with other greats. I hunted out the best of the best in NYC; massage therapists, personal trainers, nutritionists, and acupuncturists. I wanted to be able to heal the body from all angles.

My evolution from my own practice to a full running clinic is simply from curiously observing all the time what helped patients get better for the long run, not just the quick fix. First starting I realized pure chiropractic only helped so many people get better. Then I incorporated Active Release, the gold standard in medical massage, with chiropractic that helped a greater percentage of patients. But some patients were still in pain, so then I started to incorporate strength conditioning, nutrition, and acupuncture. Then I realized I couldn’t do it all myself there just weren’t enough hours in the day, so I brought in the best of the best in NYC to join my clinic.

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Tell us what you offer in your corporate wellness program? What are some of the biggest challenges that people face who work in an office setting all day?

Dr. Kiberd:  Urban Wellness Corporate Solutions has a 4 part approach:

1. Nutrition to heal you from the inside out with, specifically how to use food as medicine.

2 Alignment Focused Yoga to heal with movement and breathing to minimize chronic injuries from sitting all day long.

3. Massage to heal scar tissue and tight muscles related to overuse sitting injuries.

4. Ergonomics to teach how to sit properly with a good assessment of the desk and chair.

What are some of the biggest challenges that people face in an office environment?

Dr. Kiberd:  The body is meant to be dynamic and getting people to take breaks to move is a rarity especially in NYC especially where employees are work horses and get really into what they are working on with laser focus.

Right up there is breathing with our neck muscles especially sitting slouched all day and not allowing the body to fully inhale or exhale which can lead to brain fog, headaches, and tight shoulders.

Can you explain the 7 Essential Moves that everyone should do every day? How did you arrive at these moves in particular?

Dr. Kiberd:  These are moves that everyone should know how to do to be a human being. At some point in our lives we will fall and need to push ourselves off the floor, or need to lift a suitcase overhead and not throw out our backs. The Essential 7 are moves for life: a push, a pull, a squat, a hip hinge, a press, a lunge, and an anti-rotation.

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uwc training

What advice do you have for our readers who are inspired by the warmer weather and want to get back into working out after hibernating all winter?

Dr. Kiberd:  Start slow, listen to your body, and use the Essential 7 with good form as your guide. Get assessed and make a game plan with your healthcare provider that specializes in movement.

What are some of the most common injuries that you start seeing this time of year?

Dr. Kiberd:  We see lots of running injuries like calf strains, hamstring strains, and low back pain from people who have been sitting dormant all winter and then throw on their shoes and go wild once the weather warms up.

Any tips on how to prevent them? 

Dr. Kiberd:  Overuse injuries in the body are typically one part of the body working too hard and another part not working enough. Get assessed and re-calibrate the imbalances before putting on the longer miles to avoid injury. No better place to get assessed than Urban Wellness Clinic!

Urban Wellness Clinic

57 West 57th Street

New York, NY 10019

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