I know, we are all on a hurdle these days…checking off Holiday gift lists and checking them twice; trying to find that special something that will warm our loved one’s heart…and what about that special dog lover in your life?

 Dogs are family too and when you remember someone’s family the gift is even more meaningful! You’re showing that you know what’s important to them and you value that. 

And when you go this route, guess what? They’ll be talking about how thought-full you were well past the holidays. They’ll be reminded of it when their dog’s biscuits show up at their door every month!

Biscuits by Lambchop’s Secret Snack Society is a monthly auto-ship club of healthy, nutritious and delicious dog treats.  Made with a unique blend of gluten free bean flours, fresh fruits and local NYC greenmarket ingredients, dogs love them so much they’ll beg you to keep your own paws off.  Just don’t tell them it’s “health food”!

You can sign up for the Club at http://www. biscuitsbylambchop.com/secret- snack-society.html for 3, 6, 12 months or open ended membership!

Last minute gift and reading this on the 23rd?  No problem!  You can get an e-mail announcement sent of your gift right up until Christmas!

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