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What’s Old is New Again: A Candid Look At This Season’s Fabulous Fashion and Beauty Trends with Saks Fifth Avenue’s Kristi Brink

| June 15, 2015 | Reply


As spring transitions to summer and bare legs replace stockings, BELLA sat down with fashion and beauty maven, Kristi Brink of Saks Fifth Avenue to discuss her views on keeping our unbroken streak of haute summers intact. With emerging beauty trends highlighting natural and clean looks and stylish designs focused on sophisticated elegance, Brink, who serves as Saks Fifth Avenue’s vice president and general manager, and is on the mark when she proclaims “it’s fun to be a girl again.”

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Despite the newness of the season and the collections, retro is in, says Brinks. She says that classic looks have always struck her attention, and this season is no disappointment. According to Brinks, it’s quality over quantity this season – after all, Cinderella only had one pair of pumps but they made her famous!

As vice president and general manager at Saks Fifth Avenue, you’re at the forefront of emerging trends and fashions. Are there any new styles this season that you personally find of interest?  

It seems to be that what’s old is new again. We have a lot of looks that are a throwback to the 70s; that retro look is back. We also have a theme going on with athleisurewear and another trend making a comeback is wide leg denim. Athleisurewear is a combination of workout clothing – less going to the gym, more of a relaxed very wearable daytime collection.

With Cinderella back again, there’s a Cinderella theme as well. You can see it in a lot of the styles. Elegant, sophisticated eveningwear with beautiful fabrics that just sparkles is definitely something that’s demanded my attention. It’s fun to be a girl again. Everything is so pretty, flattering, and elegant.

A metropolitan career woman’s style is often all about mixing and matching pieces.  What combinations do you recommend for working women on the go?

Personally, one of my favorite designers is Vince. It’s easy to wear and they have beautiful, cashmere pieces and relaxed bottoms. That harem pant look was in for a while. They range from casual wear to dresses, blazers, and beautiful leather pieces and jackets that can be mixed in to create looks that transition well.

Along those lines, which five accessories would you be unable to live without?

The number one thing I bring with me wherever I go is my running shoes. Lately, running shoes have become really stylish in their design. After that, heels – Manolos and Louboutins – for going out. A Gucci bracelet, and everyone needs a good pair of diamond hoops.

With both New York and Paris Fashion Week in the books, which designers’ upcoming collections are you most excited about?

I was sitting in the Armani Shop earlier and they have the runway show on their screens. It’s incredible the range of styles Armani has for each day and night occasion, right up to elegant pieces to wear to a gala. The beautiful embellished fabrics and sparkle drew me in.

I also have been caught by Gucci’s collection – which recently reinvented itself – but I’ve always also found their accessories to be elegant, sophisticated, and a little funky at times. There’s also a new craze with Fendi and some of their bags, such as the Micro-Baguette, which are just striking.

How do you define style? Is it different depending upon a person’s location? Their profession?

Everyone has his or her own personal style; it’s not one-size-fits-all. An outfit depends upon how the person wears it. Clothes make everyone feel different. If I’m not having a great day, I’ll select something to try to help me feel better. What you choose can have an affect on your mood.

With spring finally here, what are some of the hottest emerging beauty trends?

I feel like we came out of a dark and cold winter. Some of the new makeup and beauty palettes can create a very clean look. It’s time to refresh and renew! There are a lot of neutrals and pale pinks, which blend well. It’s really wearable and it’s very natural looking and simply gorgeous.

What advice do you have for those looking to either carve a niche in an established industry or rise to the top of their profession?

Work hard, be present, and do what you really love to do with passion, focus, and drive.


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