What Beauty Products You Shouldn’t Travel Without


There are so many reasons why you need to leave your home for more than two days a few times a year. If your job demands it, you might even need to travel on a monthly or weekly basis. Every one of us has traveled before and realized that the beauty products kit never contains everything you need.

If you regularly plan to keep your skin as healthy and shiny as possible, instead of covering blemishes and irritations with make-up, you shouldn’t change your habit now. We have compiled a guide with tips and lists from experts on beauty products and essentials. Packing your bags can become super-easy after you read the below guide.

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What’s the Purpose of Your Departure?

Before we begin, let’s determine the purpose of your trip. This will help you narrow down your beauty products list to essentials which are in line with your needs. You may even discover multifunctional products or others which might ease you the trouble of carrying a large kit.

If you plan to purchase beauty sets for your trip, you will need a guarantee that they work. You should read reviews on beauty websites like BeautyEssential to find the best products available now. Also, look for beauty products that are compact and are easy to carry.

So, why are you taking the trip?

  • Vacation with family: Usually, you will only need the basics for family vacations. If you plan to go camping or in the mountainside, you will need products which protect your skin against cold temperatures.
  • Relaxation holiday with your partner: Are you planning a vacation on an island or near a beach? You will most likely not use make-up during the day. However, you will need to protect your skin and hair from sun rays. Your nails will also need care as they are exposed to sand and water.
  • Business trip with events: If you’re leaving for a conference or a business meeting, you will need a bit more than your basic make-up set. Business trips usually include dinner or evening events where you will need to use a different make-up. However, you will choose your outfit from home, so you can also consider make-up styles.
  • Tourist city break or discovery trip: You will need to protect your skin more than using make-up. Your skin only needs to look good for the photos you will take. Yet, if you will have a romantic dinner you may feel the need to wear more than just your basic make-up.
  • Sports, courses or specialized trips: You may need day and evening make-up. If you have eyeshadow kits, you can save space by choosing generous shades. You may even use the same shades in distinctive styles. So, your work only comes down to thinking of ideas.

What Beauty Products Your Luggage Should Contain


It’s common fact that hotel products are far from being trustworthy. They have evolved in the last decade, when women’s desire to feel pampered, empowered and comfortable in hotels grew, according to a study.

However, you will need to care for your skin and remove make-up. Pick a face wash that includes clarifying agents and formulas. Pick a cleanser which includes herbs and natural acids which keep your skin healthy even after removing the face wash. There are also solid cleansers which help you avoid spilling risks.

Also, you will need to have leave-in beauty products. You can choose serums and oils instead of creams as they have intense effects. They moisturize the skin and come in smaller bottles than your regular cream. They also save you the time you might spend looking for a mini-version of your cream. You can also grab a mini-mist if you will need to quickly hydrate your skin after the flight.


  • Face and eye primer.
  • Foundation – if necessary, as it’s uncomfortable in a humid environment.
  • Skin and eye concealer.
  • Blush.
  • A face finishing product.
  • Mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick – if necessary.
  • Lip balm with SPF – more comfortable in hot temperatures.
  • Perfume samples.
  • Brushes.

Hair Care

Choose a dry shampoo instead of a liquid one. It saves you time and space as you will no longer need to carry masks, hair conditioner. You will also get rid of the hair drying process and save more space for liquid products in your carry-on luggage. There are also mini shampoos and conditioners if your trip lasts longer and you will need regular face wash.

You can pick a hair crème for dry ends. Some products also contain SPF agents which protect you from the harmful sunrays.

Nail Care

You will need to have perfect nails during your trip. They need to have the right size and a clean color. If your trip involves spending a lot of time on the beach, you might decide for small-length nails instead of long and elegant ones. Sand might break your nails and you might end up looking for a nail care kit instead of enjoying your holiday.

Take a nail coloring product with the same shade you regularly use. It will be easier to add another color layer instead of having your nails done in the hotel room or a salon you’ve just found.

Body Care

You will need to take care of your hands and feet more than ensuring you have shower gels and creams. These products are usually available anywhere, if the hotel supply options don’t suit you. However, traveling involves a lot of walking. So, you need to protect yourself against cracked heels or rogue cuticles.

Grab a moisturizing cream or salve for your hands, fingers, elbows and feet. Also, you can consider a nail file and cuticle clippers. Also, if you take sunscreen products you will also need an after sun agent.

Packing Your Bags for the Trip

  • Make sure your products are TSA-approved and your luggage complies with TSA regulations if you travel by plain.
  • Research on local weather predictions to be able to protect your skin against rain, cold or warm temperatures.
  • Use a make-up bag for your beauty products. The more pockets it has, the safer your products will be. Make sure you place them in a cushion or soft material to protect your beauty products kit from moving too much inside the luggage.
  • You can replace expensive brands with cheaper products such as Maybelline or Cover Girl. These usually come in plastic versions, instead of the fragile glass bottles.

Packing Up

Packing your bags with beauty products is always challenging as you might end up realizing that you’ve forgot some cream or eye shade you might need. Meanwhile, if you travel by plane you also need to compile with TSA regulations. Other items from your luggage also need to be protected from spills and other similar risks.

However, by following the above guide you will minimize make-up space while protecting your own luggage. You will also keep your skin safe and healthy, especially after a long and exhausting trip. Once you’ve read the article, grab a sheet of paper and a pen and make your to-pack list!

By Tiffany Brenning

Images Source: Depositphotos.com.

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