Weekly BELLA Intern Update: 05.11.2018


Is it actually Friday again?! Most people want their work week to go by fast, but I’m just here like… please stop the time!! I’m almost dreading having to write my weekly intern update because it means yet another week has passed and I am already halfway through my internship. Sob.

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Anyway, what’s new at the BELLA headquarters?

I hope you read some of my interviews and pieces online, because there are always more in the works. BUT this week has been super exciting mostly because

  1. Courtenay launched her weekly Coffee with Courtenay Instagram live segment on Thursday, and it was all about us interns (shoutout to Izzy!) It’s literally what the name suggests: Courtenay enjoying a cup of coffee over a certain topic or just random thoughts. Short and sweet!
  2. I got to host BELLA TV’s travel segment with Christophe Allard from Brussels Airlines this week. I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous because live obviously means you don’t get a do-over. Duh. But nonetheless, I think it went well and I certainly had a lot of fun doing it! Check it out in our travel segment on the website or on our Facebook page, I’d love some feedback!

That’s it for this week’s update, I’ll be back with more next Friday!

Have a great weekend, BELLAs!


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