Want A Good Night’s Sleep? Try These Bedroom Decorating Tips

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In today’s hectic world, it seems like we’re never not busy: we get used to balancing school, a job, and of course a social life, sometimes running on just a few hours of sleep. Some of us may master the hustle and bustle quite well (thank god for concealer and coffee!), but it’s important to remember how essential sleep is, not only for our beauty and overall well-being, but mostly for our health. The average sleep time has dropped two and a half hours since the 1960’s, with the average person now only getting about six and a half hours of sleep every night.

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Helen O’Keeffe of EZ Living Interiors (https://www.ezliving-interiors.ie/stores/ez-living-furniture-cork) has created an infographic on how to apply sleep science to your bedroom décor. Check it out below and look forward to waking up relaxed and energized in the morning!

Infographic by Helen O’Keeffe

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