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Walking Away with Some Luxurious Goods

| July 16, 2015 | Reply

Lets get into the nitty gritty. Nothing says Hampton’s party like some glamorous gift baskets; well maybe a few other things might also say ‘Hampton’s Party,’ such as the guest list, the style, the venue, the music, food, drink…okay we get it.  Well this week at Bella, we’re party prepping in the form of acquiring some preeminent goodies to lavish our guests with. Just because the party will eventually have to come to an end, doesn’t mean that we have to stop spoiling our guests.

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Incredible brands want the opportunity to be represented by the Bella community just as much as we want them to be an integral part of the party’s take away. With a situation as ideal as this, one wouldn’t think it to be too difficult to make a few business deals allowing the luxurious items to flow. I have learned the hard way that such ideal communication requires more work than expected. But, with time, and extensive communication, the gift bags are surely filling up. From finding the right brands to represent, to contacting some of our favorite beauty brands; we have to be finicky about our sponsors. With sumptuous standards to uphold, we must be certain that the labels we are in contact with maintain this caliber. Every aspect of this party is just as meticulously thought out as these baskets. With unique treats, and phenomenal florist displays so tastefully done, the party’s atmosphere will be just as elegantly eclectic as the baskets themselves.

Hopefully our guests have packed light for their little weekend getaway in the Hampton’s because they are going to need to have saved space in their suitcases for their newly acquired ritzy goods. These gift baskets are no joke and hold much more than just some simple samples. I love getting a sneak peak at the products of perfection…yet this zeal I feel through the sense of sight, is not as prominent when it comes to my sense of touch. In other words, those yankee candles are heavy; and we’ve had a substantial amount of boxes filled with these pleasantly smelling cylinders to carry to the office. I love the idea that the beautiful baked treats experienced at the party can also make their way into our lives post-Hampton’s party. Our favorite bakeries providing sweets at the party will also provide ever sweeter discounts, and don’t worry these offers and discounts are going to make their appearance in your basket as well. 

So are you ready for the Hamptons party? Anticipate its arrival, don’t dread its termination, because you’re not walking away empty handed! 

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