buy Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Vikki Ziegler, star of the hit Bravo television show “Untying the Knot” and one of the nation’s foremost experts on divorce, announced the launch of Divorce Dating, a free downloadable app and multi-media platform devoted to the largely overlooked needs of divorced people.

Divorce Dating (  is the one of the first online relationship sites devoted to the unique needs and interests of divorced people.  Vikki Ziegler, host of Bravo’s “Untying the Knot” and one of the nation’s foremost experts in divorce, has created an easy-to-use downloadable app that’s free, fun and full of possibility. You can be one of the first to test the brand new dating app by signing up here!

A child of divorce herself whose first marriage ended before she found love again, Vikki is a tireless advocate, voice and thought leader for the divorced community, with an understanding of the unique sensitivities and perspectives that those who have been previously married bring to dating life.

“When someone gets divorced, they don’t think of themselves as single. They are divorced, and that carries with it a set of experiences and emotions that only other divorced people can understand,” Vikki said. “Although divorce is never easy, you can use it as an opportunity to grow and figure out what you want in your next relationship. That’s my mission for Divorce Dating, to create a positive and uplifting relationship space that puts a bounce in the step of every divorcee. With Divorce Dating, it’s time to remember that feeling.”

Vikki is a nationally known and respected celebrity divorce attorney, law school professor, published author and television personality. Her show, Bravo’s “Untying the Knot,” debuted in 2014 and was an immediate hit, with the second season scheduled to begin on November 8th. The upcoming season marks a significant expansion from the first, as each episode is increasing from 30 to 60 minutes, and the total number of episodes from six to eight.

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