VH1 Beauty Bar’s Star Dashing Thalia, Launches New Cosmetic Line


Thalia Almodovar is the breakout star from VH1 Beauty Bar, the reality show about an eclectic group of hairstylists and makeup artists from the Manhattan salon, House of Dolls.  Right from the first episode, it was clear that Almodovar was the head chick in charge, commanding the salon — and the show — with her unique mix of brass and sass.  This month, she launches Dashing Thalia, her collection of beauty products by Celfie Cosmetics.   We spoke with Thalia Almodovar to learn more.

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Has your life changed since starring on your own reality TV show, VH1 Beauty Bar?

Thalia Almodovar: I’ve become super busy, that’s for sure.  I’m really trying to find a way to use this platform for good.  I want to help people.

Do people stop you on the street for make-up advice?  

Thalia Almodovar: All the time!  I get a real kick out of being stopped on the street.

What are the biggest problems people are trying to solve?

Thalia Almodovar: Women often ask me for the names of the products I use on my skin.

Did you use Celfie Cosmetics before launching your line with them? 

Thalia Almodovar: I did because some of the Bravo Housewives have their own lines.  They somehow made it into my make-up kit.

How did you come to partner with Celfie Cosmetics on “Dashing Thalia?”  

Thalia Almodovar: They reached out to me after seeing the show.  That’s when I learned they didn’t just work with Bravo Housewives; they have partnered with several reality celebrities. But I’m the first actual make up artist to have a collection with Celfie. They embraced my input and really allowed me to put my expertise into the line.

How did you choose the name? 

Thalia Almodovar: It’s my Instagram name!

What inspired the colors for your two lipsticks?

Thalia Almodovar: The first lipstick I created was “Nakee.”   I love the color nude and, of course, it makes me think of being  naked which I also love to be, so “Nakee” was the perfect name for it.  Celfie wanted my second lipstick to be red but everyone who knows me knows I’m not a fan of red lipstick.  I made “Caliente” a wine color instead which I think is so mysterious and sexy.  I named it “Caliente” because it means hot in Spanish and I’m Latina and I felt it important to incorporate my gorgeous culture.

Who is your target customer?

Thalia Almodovar: Honestly, everyone!   There are no limitations.

What is unique about your lipsticks?
Thalia Almodovar: They come with LED lights and a side mirror; so that when a girl is outside in the dark or in a smoky club,  she can still see herself.  They are fun!

Do you plan on expanding the line or maybe even launching your own line in the future? Thalia Almodovar: My ultimate goal is to have my own makeup line but, for now, I’m happy with my limited line of products.  I’m planning to launch an eyeshadow palette soon with shimmer and earth tone colors.

Will there be a Season 2 of VH1 Beauty Bar? 

Thalia Almodovar: Fingers are crossed but it looks like yes!

Visit: www.celfiecosmetics.com/Follow Thalia Almodovar on Instagram @ dashingthalia.


By Tony Roberto

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