Direct-Mail Company Celebrates Heroes in Fight Against Breast Cancer with KitchenAid® Giveaways in Support of Cook for the Cure®

Valpak, one of North America’s leading direct marketing companies, announces the launch of a powerful collaboration that puts a spotlight on the fight to save lives and end breast cancer. In partnership with Susan G. Komen®, and renowned television chef and breast cancer survivor Sandra Lee, Valpak will turn its monthly iconic blue envelope pink in support of the 1 in 8 women in the U.S. who will develop breast cancer at some point in her lifetime and the countless loved ones affected by the disease.

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Valpak’s pink envelope will highlight celebrity chef Sandra Lee, a breast cancer survivor and advocate for women’s health, as a “More Than Pink® Hero.” The pink envelope will introduce a related sweepstakes, inviting consumers to nominate a hero who has taken action in the fight against breast cancer. Throughout the month of October, Valpak will share the submitted stories and ultimately 25 lucky winners will each receive a set of pink KitchenAid appliances in support of Cook for the Cure®. The set includes a stand mixer, blender, 2-speed hand blender and a 5-speed hand mixer with a total retail value of over $800.

The nationwide October Valpak envelope will also feature a special surprise for 500 lucky recipients, who will instantly win an immersion blender courtesy of KitchenAid by looking through their pink Valpak envelopes and finding a die-cut certificate shaped like an immersion blender.

“Valpak is proud to partner with Susan G. Komen and Sandra Lee for this powerful initiative as we inspire others to join us in the fight against breast cancer,” explains Mike Davis, CEO for Valpak. “This initiative is personal for Valpak as many employees are affected by the disease in some way and we are determined to stand up and help find a cure. This cause month envelope is hopefully the first of many, as we are determined to make a big impact on a nationwide cause at least once per year.” Davis also explained why this cause is so important to him:

What was the catalyst that drove Valpak to begin its “Cause Month” envelope campaign?

Valpak corporate as well as our franchise network has always been involved in both national and local causes; however, it’s never been a center-piece for the envelope. During a brainstorm meeting one evening regarding causes and driving excitement around the envelope, we came up with the idea to have a dedicated cause month annually to use our 37 million monthly household circulation and our 40k+ customers to shine a giant flashlight on a deserving cause. After polling our employees, we found that many have a personal story with breast cancer so we decided to focus our efforts here and stand up to help find a cure.

Are there other “Cause Month” envelopes that you currently have in the works, and, if not, do you have causes in mind that you would like to align with?

We’ve had a lot of interest from the largest charities in the U.S. after the news of our SGK partnership was announced. We envision dedicating at least one month per year where we have the full court press, special envelope and all the bells and whistles around a cause. We also have 11 months a year where we’re reaching 37 million households so we’d like to work with all the great charities throughout the year.

Why do you think it’s important for big businesses to participate in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaigns such as these?

A company’s #1 assets are its people. Products and technology can always be copied and beat so your people are the only real differentiator. Those people are the ones impacted by disease, homelessness, mental illness, hunger and the long list of other cause related subjects. Joyous employees are winners and true joy comes from giving.

Do you have a personal connection to breast cancer? If so, who is YOUR More Than Pink Hero?

My wife’s best friend of nearly 40 years just recently lost her long battle with what started as breast cancer. She was a courageous fighter for years but it was heart breaking to watch the shell of a woman lose the battle in the end. Her loss impacted so many people; partner, son, parents, the horse she loved dearly and of course the plethora of friends she was adored by…

The striking color of the pink envelope and its call to action to donate are only the beginning of Valpak’s commitment to helping raise funds and inspiring others to join the fight. In 2018, Valpak corporate will donate $50,000 to Komen regardless of sales. In addition, the company’s nationwide salesforce of over 600 hit the streets over the past few months to encourage local advertisers to join the fight by making donations. In turn, Valpak is recognizing the local allies online and in the Valpak envelope with a special pink-bordered ad. Valpak’s Media Sales Consultants reached over 3,000 local advertisers and together they raised over $135,000 in donations in the fight to save lives.

For more information on Valpak’s campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and to nominate a hero, please visit, or view Valpak YouTube channel at

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