Update Your Look For The Colder Seasons

Fall and winter might not be the best weather-wise, but they’re fantastic for fashion and beauty. The cold weather brings a ton of exciting shades, dark vampy colors to experiment with and all in all it’s a lot more exciting than the spring and summer when it comes to different looks. Here are a few fun ways you can get on board, and update your look for the colder season.

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Hop On The Berry Bandwagon

In fall and winter, anything goes color-wise providing it’s dark and rich. But berry is a trend that crops up year after year, and looks fantastic in everything from clothes to lips to nails- even eyeshadow! Youtube has loads of makeup ideas you could try out. Keep your eye out for key pieces when you’re shopping for clothes to bring in the shade. You could make it the star of the show with a berry dress or coat, or go with accessories such as a scarf or handbag instead. Either way, including this stunning color into your outfits is a great way to update your look for the fall and winter.


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Go Over To The Dark Side

Going a few shades darker with your hair is a fun way to switch up your look for the season. Red and auburn shades are an excellent choice, or you could go for a rich chocolate brown. If you’re dubious about doing something too permanent, try semi-permanent box dyes. These generally last between six and twelve washes, so are a good way to dip your toe in the water. Don’t forget to update your brow product to a darker shade too, to match your new hair!



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Switch Up Your Skincare Routine

Fall and winter are hard on our skin. While summer has its challenges too, it’s generally a lot tougher to keep it at it’s best when it’s cold. The windy weather combined with central heating can leave it feeling dry, chapped and sore. Invest in some rich, hydrating moisturising products. Day and night creams, eye cream, lip balm, facial oils and face masks will all help to protect and nourish. The great thing about the fall and winter is it’s the perfect time to have relaxing baths and really pamper yourself. Light some scented candles and pop a bath bomb or some bubble bath into the tub for a great way to soak while treating your skin. Even though we’re no longer wearing bare legs, hair removal is still an important part of your routine- it’s a nice way to make you look fresh and feel good about yourself. Epilating or waxing will give the longest lasting results. Look into the best wax for hair removal, and you’ll achieve silky smooth skin. Finish with a thick, nourishing body butter to combat any dryness.


Embrace Fall and Winter Fashion

Chunky knits, faux fur, slouchy jumpers and boots are always cute yet practical pieces for the colder weather. If you’re feeling brave, you could even try out some of the more niche trends. Colored tights, menswear-inspired jackets and loafers are all voted by Vogue to be some of the hottest items this season.


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