If there’s one part of New York City that I know better than anywhere else, it’s SOHO. I can give you an on the spot directory of SoHo from West 4th street to Canal St. I could also tell you that Aldo has been having a 50% off sale for the past 2 weeks, Bloomingdales had a 30% off Fourth of July sale, and Victoria Secret and Pink just had a semi-annual sale. Needless to say SoHo is the NYC Fashion hub.

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The stores range from High Fashion designers like Fendi, Prada, Chanel, to premium clothing brands like Zara, H&M, Forever 21, Necessary Clothing, Top Shop, etc. You would assume that where there is fashionable clothing, there are fashionable people, right? Well it’s true. I would consider myself a pretty fashionable person when the angle of the sun is just right, but then again, everyone has their own opinion on what they consider to be trend-worthy.


This week, Noor and I took a trip to the fashion hub to find some stylish New Yorkers willing to pose for two random teenagers asking to take their photo. Although in the end we were successful, working up the courage to ask someone can be somewhat of a barrier. It’s almost like being a sales person but better, because at the end of our pitch we say, “We would just like to take your picture and get your handles, it’ll be quick” and they’re sold!

Taking street style pictures has honestly opened my eyes to observing how different people make a certain look work for them. They would have on a random piece that you could find in the back of your grandmother’s closet from the 50’s, along with some worn out shoes that looks like they’ve walked them through the Himalayas and Gobi Desert in 30 days. It’s the way someone can tie everything together so uniquely that makes it look good.

“Style is whatever you want to do, if you can do it with confidence.”
-George Clinton

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