This Is the Only Christmas Gift Guide You’ll Need


Wondering what to buy a special someone for Christmas? It would be so much easier if they could just tell you exactly what they wanted, right? Then all you’d need to do is hop online or go to the store, and buy it. Sadly, life’s never that easy and there’s always someone in your life who’s impossible to shop for. 

To help ease the stress of shopping we’ve scoured the furthest reaches of the internet to find some inspiration for our readers. We’ve come up with a ton of ideas for him, her, the kids – and even the family pets.

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Most of our idea are available from quite a few websites, so it’s well worth spending a little time searching online to find the very best prices. Some might even offer you free shipping too.

But remember to get started soon, so that everything you purchase online will be delivered in good time for the holidays.

For him: Yorkshire Beer Experience  


Yorkshire’s a county in England that’s famous for its ale. So why not treat the special guy in your life to a batch of beers from one of the world’s most notable brewing hotspots? This presentation pack of thirst-quenching excellence includes six bottles of the best beers from Britain, along with a selection of snacks. We love the Ilkley Crossroads West Coast IPA – which infuses American hops with Yorkshire’s finest flavors. Pair with Hendersons Sauce Yorkshire Crisps for a real taste sensation. 

Make Your Own Chorizo Sausage Kit 

Chorizo is the spicy paprika sausage that completes any exotic dish. With the Make Your Own Chorizo kit, you can start a production line all of your own. The sausage kit comes complete with a special blend of herbs and spices, sausage casings and clips – even a piping bag. Just blend a mix of bacon and pork, add some red wine, fill the sausage casings and leave them to cure for 5-8 days. Et voila – the vital ingredient that’s perfect for paella and primo with pasta.

Bicycle Wheel Clock

Add a quirky decorative touch to the living room or home with this unique battery-operated timepiece. This bicycle wheel clock is framed by a re-engineered 57cm wheel, which fixes to the wall via the hub. Wherever your man decides to hang this, it’s sure to make a stunning conversation piece whether they live life on two wheels or not. 

For her: Avoseedo – Grow Your Own Avocado Tree 


The avocado has had some bad press recently. It’s a staple of many traditional meals, suddenly hi-jacked by hipsters looking for something to spread on their $25 toast after a night out in Williamsburg. If you want to enjoy avocado the old-fashioned way, the Avoseedo is a great way to cultivate your very own at home. Follow the simple instructions and soon you’ll have your own mini tree ready to pot and nurture – just in time to make this fantastic Cinco de Mayo recipe!

Personalised Tree of Life Necklace

Last-minute shopping is usually the time when jewelry gets a purchasing boost – and no surprise, that’s usually on the guys. But if you’ve planned well enough ahead to be able to check out what’s available online, you’re in luck. The Merci Maman personalized Tree of Life Necklace is sure to delight. This eye-catching 18K gold-plated necklace can be engraved with the name of a loved one, or a message of up to 40 characters – all hand-engraved in Merci Maman’s beautiful script to create a truly unique gift.

Online Bingo vouchers

According to a study by Wink Bingo, 75% of all online bingo players are women. We don’t want to make assumptions, but we think it’s a safe bet to assume your lady would be a big fan of the online experience. So if you know someone who you think might like to get in on the action, Wink Bingo’s shopping vouchers could be the perfect choice for them. They’re available from £5 all the way up to £100!

For the kids: Laser x Laser Gaming set  

Two people can enjoy the ultimate high-tech game of laser tag with this great laser gun game. Blast opponents from up to 60 meters away with pinpoint accuracy. The more sets you buy, the more people can join in the fun. Recreate your favorite sci-fi movie moments with the kids, or let them battle it out for intergalactic supremacy. As you’re blasted your receiver vest will gradually change color – get hit ten times and you’re out. The laser gaming set comes complete with voice coach guidance, full color lighting effects, stereo sound and music.

Crocodile Dentist 

Practice dentistry of a different kind with this fun family board game. Take it in turns to remove a crocodile’s sore tooth with your handy tooth extractor – but a steady hand will be needed so you don’t upset the poor little critter. If you make a mistake, he’s going to chomp down on your hand! It’s a perfect gift for children ages 4 and over, and something the whole family will have fun playing during the holiday game nights.

Roarin’ Tyler, the Playful Tiger 

A surefire hit for the kids this Christmas comes courtesy of Roarin’ Tyler, the Playful Tiger. This cuddly critter is capable of more than 100 sounds and movements – he especially loves it when you talk to him. He’s the perfect play pet for children aged 4 and over – and he certainly won’t ever scratch up the carpet or settee like a domesticated cat would.

For your pets: Christmas Pudding Tuff Dog Toy

We think dog owners are the sexiest kind of people – and they can be the most generous too. The dog’s going to love getting his or her teeth into this plush-covered but tough Christmas pudding that even has a squeak inside. 

Scrunchie Christmas Cat Collar

Get your cats into the Christmas spirit with this beautiful red and green collar. It’s machine-washable, too – simply slip one over their head and add some unique Christmas color to your cat’s personality.

Small Animal Christmas Garland

Brighten up your rabbit, guinea pig or hamster cage with this pretty garland that’s sprinkled with snowflakes, reindeer and stars. It’s also made from all-natural materials, so your little friend can even have a nibble.

Hopefully we’ve given you some great gift ideas for Christmas. And, while you should remember that it’s always better to give than receive, let’s hope Santa’s got some amazing presents ready to deliver to you too!

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