There’s a New DJ in Town and She Means Business

DJ Aloona on Being a Woman in Music and Her Plans for the Future


Hailing from Moscow, follow url Casino Bern spielen free online slots, no free spins source link DJ Aloona has made a name for herself in the nightclub scene of major cities like Miami and Los Angeles and now produces her own music with a fast growing following. Fierce and poised, this Russian star is ready to take her career in music to new heights. 

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You had your start in the music industry by playing at restaurants and clubs in Moscow, where you gained a sizable following. What was it like to leave your audience and start over in Miami?New online casinos australia 2019 best online casino australia follow now.

I always wanted to keep moving forward and I try to never look back. Moving to the United States gave me a good start and the perfect opportunity to evolve as an artist and elevate my skills to a different level. 

Billboard reports that a mere 2% of producers in the music industry are female. Do you think being a woman was challenging for your career as a DJ and producer?

I think it’s more difficult to be a female DJ/Producer because you have to work twice as hard to prove that you are on the same level with your male counterparts. 

Your music includes an array of multicultural elements. Where do you draw inspiration from for your individualized sound? 

I haven’t really included any Russian elements to my music and sets thus far. I am more into Afro style and ethnic sounds, which I think is really representative of my music. 

What drew you to Miami? How is the music scene there?

Back in the day, Miami was a great scene for House music, about 7-8 years ago, however changed and people started listening to more commercial tracks. These days, however, the underground music scene is making a grand comeback! We can see more and more underground events and DJs booked in Miami on a regular basis.

Who are some of your favorite artists and producers in the industry? If you could collaborate with anyone, which artist would you choose?

I like many producers in the underground scene, but one of my favorites is Solomun. He is my icon and the best example of a DJ who built his career in that genre and has become the most famous in it. He transmits his vibrant energy through his music, and he can play 24 hours without any breaks. 

I am also inspired by Dixon, Sébastien Léger, Lee Burridge and Black Coffee. 

If I had a chance to collaborate with any one of those artists and producers it would be amazing!

Earlier, you mentioned that you would like to take your music to new destinations. Where do you see yourself in a year from now?

I hope that I will bring my vibes to Ibiza this summer and Tulum next year. I’m a very cosmopolitan person, so I can see myself living in two or three cities. I already split my time between Miami and LA. And I have now started visiting NYC more often

I definitely want to bring my sound to Ibiza this year, and Tulum in 2020. 

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