The World’s Most Incredible Walking Tours

Getting up close and personal with some of the world’s most incredible scenery has never been more convenient. With a customized walking tour, adventurous travelers can scale mountains, meander through pristine woodlands, go back in time through historic towns, or enjoy a bird’s eye view of a resplendent sunset. From leisurely strolls to challenging hikes, walking tours are available for all ages and ability levels. Usually ranging up to five hours, on-land tours are conducted throughout the year at destinations worldwide. So grab a pair of comfortable shoes, some water, sunscreen if needed, and experience one of these incredible tours.

The Ranch at Rock Creek,  Philipsburg, Montana

Explore Montana’s diverse ecosystem with a certified master naturalist on a privately guided trek and sketching session. During this two-hour excursion, participants learn about wildlife tracking, migration, habitats, flora, fauna, geology and more. Each walker will receive a sketch book and instruction on how to keep a naturalist’s log. At the end of every trek, spend a half an hour or more sketching and journaling the subjects that inspired you. The Ranch’s varied terrain creates a hospitable environment for all sorts of animals, ranging from big horn sheep, wolves, and coyote. A bird watcher’s paradise, the Ranch is home to bald and golden eagles, osprey, hawks, grouse and waterfowl. After your walking tour, savor the delectable cuisine of Chef Josh Drage who focuses on real food from local producers.

Adventure Trekking in the Altai Mountains, Asia

Travel the road-less-traveled regions of Asia by focusing primarily on Mongolia, from the Altai Mountains in the west to Lake Hovsgol in Northern Mongolia to the Gobi Desert. The Adventure Trekking in the Altai Mountains journey is perfect for the active traveler. This 11-day trip provides an unforgettable outdoor adventure as guests trek through the magnificent Altai Mountains, one of the last untouched wilderness areas of Asia. Highlights of the trip include venturing through foothills of Tsambagarav Mountain across glaciers, boulders and grassy hills visiting Uuld and Kazakh families along with way, hiking down Bayan Gol Zuslan and finishing the tour at Had Uzuur Bridge.

San Ignacio Resort Hotel, Belize

Experience a bird watching and medicinal trail tour with experienced guides through their 17-acre private reserve and enjoy the sweet sounds of their backyard friends. The natural surroundings showcase over 100 species of colorful birds including the Blue Tanager, Blue Crowned Mot-Mot, Aracari Toucan and even rare sightings of their national bird, the Keel-Billed Toucan. You’ll have a tour of medicinal plants and herbs that were utilized by the Maya community to cure numerous conditions and pains, such as stomach aches, chicken pox, botflies, allergies, and others. The guided tour will take you through the hiking trails of lush tropical rainforests for an educational experience of natural remedies.

Auberge Saint-Antoine, Quebec, Canada

Explore the wonders of one of the oldest cities in North America with a guided historic lantern walking tour at night. Begin just steps from the famed Auberge Saint-Antoine hotel and wander back in time through the cobble stone streets and explore the historically rich neighborhoods of Quebec that have been well preserved for more than 400 years. Steeped in rich European history and ambience, Quebec City is the site of the oldest settlement of New France dating back to 1608 and thus the cradle of French civilization in North America. Today, the UNESCO World Heritage Site offers guests an experience like no other, with a nighttime tour through yesteryear.

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