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The World According to Mark Deklin

| January 7, 2015 | Reply

The World According to Mark Deklin

Sitting down for a cup of coffee at the Nomad in NYC with Mark Deklin was fun. Not only is he handsome and down to earth, he is currently starring in Lifetime’s hottest show “Devious Maids.” A critically acclaimed actor, Deklin has worked on Broadway, off-Broadway and in TV and films. Here, he shares with BELLA a little insight into his world.

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The summer he spent working on the Cape-Cod Hyannis Railroad
I worked on Cape-Cod Hyannis Railroad welding and then I was a conductor, which was really fun. We were done with the welding job and my boss liked me a lot, so he made my buddy a fireman and me a conductor. We would just chill out. And I also worked at a vintage clothing store that summer, which was really, really cool. Bruce Willis and Demi Moore were together [then] and they would come in all the time. My buddy and I also worked at a tourist pirate shop; we would walk around Hyannis dressed as pirates. We would talk to the tourists and get them to come to this shop and buy stupid souvenirs. We were the guys who suckered you in.

On living in LA vs. NYC
I really like LA and live there now, but we are thinking about moving back east. My wife and I met in New York and have a lot of the family here. We have two kids now and having family around is so important. I think we just miss it. Even the crappy aspects, like the humidity and things that aren’t necessarily objectively pleasant – it still feels familiar; it feels more like home. LA is not home … we have a nice neighborhood, we live right on the water and we love where we are, but it’s not in our roots. In New York, there are all the clichés, like the culture. Not that there isn’t culture in LA – there is – but you have to look for it and actively hunt it out and seek it. Here, it’s just woven into the fabric of society. It’s cool.

Growing up in Pittsburgh
Oh, it was great. It’s a great place to be from! It is beautiful now. The cool thing about the Steelers is I think they saved that city. Right at the time in the 70s when the steel mills were shutting down, there were all of these unemployed steel workers who should have been depressed and drunk and angry but the team was winning, so their state of pride was high. There was this feeling of “We’re not going to let this city die!”  Prince Charles came to Pittsburgh a while ago to take a look for cities like Manchester that needed to revitalize. He came over to say, “How did you do it?”

On his first big break
It’s hard to define “big break” because there are some people who go from 0 to 60 and skyrocket. That was never my path. It has always been steps. I could point to something as simple as the first commercial I booked right after I made the decision to pursue acting. In and of itself, was it a big deal? No. But it was a nice way of saying “Wow, I could make a living of this.”

I guess when I stopped being a poor, starving actor was probably when I booked The Lion King.” The Broadway paycheck for a theater actor was a big deal; I paid off my student loans with that one. After that I was kicking around, being a starving actor, but having a lot of fun. That was the first time I started to have some stability. It’s been good ever since, for the most part.

Favorite character?
I have a lot of favorite characters. In theater, I loved playing Edmund the Bastard in “King Lear.” On TV, by far, there was an adaptation I did of “River World.” I played young Mark Twain. It was great! That was a rich role.

The dish on “Devious Maids”
This is becoming another one of my favorite roles. My character Nicholas has evolved. I don’t want to give anything away, but essentially they wrote a bad guy, and I have changed their minds. As the writers worked, they realized they really loved the relationship between Nicholas and Marisol (my on-screen wife), and they like me, so they have decided not to make him so much of a bad guy but more of a complicated guy. He is turning out to be a real fun character.

Best advice you’ve ever received?
Two pieces of advice I got, both from my dad. The first one was “Life is about letting go,” so learn how to say a good good-bye. And the second was, “Accept the gift in honor of the giver.”

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