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We are told the best accessory a woman should wear is her smile, but we all know that it’s really all about the shoes! New York City podiatrist Dr. Andrew Glass shares some insider tips on how to keep your feet in BELLA form as we head into the warmer months.

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Stay Away from Pointy Shoes

Almost half of women get bunions due to genetics, but pointy shoes can enhance the development, making it worse.

The Wider, the Better

Since corns occur because of a spike in the bone and/or friction, ití s best to get a wider shoe to eliminate the problem before it starts.

Wrap it Up

There are many di erent reasons why people get calluses and corns, one
of the most common being too much pressure or friction in one spot. To soften, apply cream or an exfoliating scrub to the callus and then wrap in a plastic wrap overnight, it works wonders!

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  • Thanks for the tips. Balance between comfort and style is always difficult. One of the best ways is to take care of your feet regularly while wearing not-so-comfortable shoes.

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