By Gina LaGuardia

To say that Tiny Hands’ adorable – and scented! – handiwork will make you hungry is an understatement. But it is a guilt-free way to enjoy your favorite dessert!

With a full line of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings amazingly handcrafted into the shapes of chocolate truffles, ice cream sundaes, donuts, red velvet cupcakes, fruit waffles and more – fragranced to match – you’ll have yourself a deliciously low-cal conversation starter, we guarantee it!If the sight and smell of a snow cone necklace, for instance, doesn’t get you some attention, we’re not sure what will!

Owner/designer Mei Pak explains what inspired her to launch what’s catching the attention of dessert and novelty jewelry lovers everywhere. “Food makes me happy and I know other foodies can agree with me. It’s the one thing I can count on to brighten my day, and something I always look forward to. In essence, my jewelry captures these memories and feelings into something I can wear all the time and not put on any calories!”

Prices vary per item (i.e., $23-28 for necklaces),


Raise a Glass to…

“The Champagne Diet: Eat, Drink & Celebrate Your Way to a Healthy Mind and Body”


In the words of author Cara Alwill Leyba, “this book is for the woman who wants to feel good about herself and her body and to learn how to start incorporating healthy habits into her life. It’s for the woman who doesn’t want to trade in her champagne for skinny jeans .,.. the woman who is ready to stop letting her weight define her, and is ready to understand why it always did.”



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