Margot Bingham is best known to television audiences for her recurring role as jazz singer Daughter Maitland on the HBO series “Boardwalk Empire.” Joining the period drama in its fourth season, she showcased both her extraordinary singing and acting chops, sharing a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series and drawing high praise across the board. Rolling Stone lauded her for “transforming what could have been a one-note performance into the breakout role of the season.”

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This year will be even bigger and better than last, with Bingham in a leading role in the feature film “Barbershop 3” opposite Ice Cube, Nicki Minaj, and Common, as well as independent film dramas “Destined” and “The Erotic Fire of the Unattainable.” This talented actress and singer sat down with BELLA to give us her New York 9….

1. Best thing about living in NYC?

Every day there’s something new. I get to wander, meet new people, and visit new places. There’s never a dull moment in this town.
2. Favorite NYC restaurant?

Miss Lily’s, hands down. It’s one of the coolest environments, and being that I’m Jamaican, the food is spot on. They spin great reggae through the night; it’s definitely a great scene.
3. Favorite neighborhood?

I have so much love for so many neighborhoods and boroughs in this town, but the West Village has stayed true. I love the neighborhood vibe, especially in the winter – it’s so still. I’ve never lived there, but maybe one day.
4. The best part of my job… 

…is my job. I’m so blessed that I get to play for a living. I get to try on other people’s lives and make them mine, and then go into another world and do it all over again. It’s exciting at every turn and I’m beyond grateful that I get to say I love what I do.
5. A visit to New York isn’t complete…

…without a visit to Central Park. I know it’s a common thing to say, but that’s because it’s true. It’s an incredible place, and every person can find his or her own favorite spot.
6. Subways or cabs?
It depends if it’s raining or not! If you want some quality people-watching time, go on the subway. If you want some quality road rage, you know where to find it.

7. Best advice you’ve ever received?
Keep going.

8. Must-have beauty item?
Coconut oil – it’s the magic potion for everything.

9. What’s your definition of beauty?

Someone who makes you feel like home every time you’re around them.

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