Acclaimed DJ’s, Anthony Vitale and Michael Gentile, know the work that goes into it and are on a mission to keep the art of DJing alive! Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Vitale and Gentile were passionate about DJing and found their career path at a young age. At just 12 years old, Vitale was quickly introduced into the party scene, spinning at night clubs across New York. He continued to grow and with more and more popularity he started spinning across the globe at some of the hottest spots. Meanwhile, his soon-to-be counterpart, Gentile was 14, starting his career in the nightlife scene that would bring him to start a private events company. After years of DJing, Vitale and Gentile decided to combine their skills and opened THE FUNKTION HO– USE. The two took a warehouse space in Brooklyn and created a studio where DJ’s stories would be told while providing inspiration and advice.

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What was / is the general idea behind FUNKTION HO– USE and how did you come up with it?

The Funktion House is a broadcasting studio that was created to promote the art and culture of DJing. The DJing culture has transformed over the last 10 years because of technology advancements and the art form has taken a back seat to the social media craze. The Funktion House is an outlet where DJs can express themselves musically and not be judged. In addition to expression, it gives the artist a chance to tell back their story and inspirations within the culture. Many DJ’s that made a huge impact within the DJ world have gone unnoticed because social media didn’t exist when they were making their mark.

The FUNKTION HO– USE opened 3 years ago, in 2015. Has the FUNKTION HO– USE and the concept behind it changed within those 3 years?

When The Funktion House opened back in 2015 it was for the sole purpose of being a studio for our DJ Entertainment business. As we started putting it together the idea of producing a DJ show was ignited out of a conversation. 3 years later, we have produced over 110 episodes, we feature 3 different shows, and have created a few collaborations most notably with music MP3 site Beatport.

What do you like the most: Playing private parties / events, touring or staying at


As DJs you always enjoy playing parties and events.  That’s the love of being a DJ. But being in the business for over 25 years it’s nice to give back and help the young generation of DJs. We enjoy mentoring and promoting the up and comers. That is what the Funktion House is all about. It’s nice to experience a DJ putting in the work and showcasing their live set. Some DJs really come prepared for their sets at the Funktion House which makes us feel like we are truly inspiring them.

How do you select guest DJs for the FUNKTION HO– USE?  

It really depends. We like to keep a balance between the veterans and new comers. We may feature a DJ that is relevant within the scene or one that has a hot record on the charts but at the same time we want to give the talented unheard of DJ an opportunity to come showcase their ability and get recognized.

Do you aim to expand the platform including entertainers from other branches

besides DJs?

We are all about helping and promoting an artist. Clearly with DJs that’s our world so it’s a little easier for us to build the platform around them.  As we mature and continue to form partnerships, we will start to feature other types of artists.

What is the biggest achievement of FUNKTION HO– USE so far and what are dreams that you want to turn into reality?  

Through consistency, people are recognizing our product and are really gravitating to what we are trying to achieve. The Funktion House is a brand that we are curating around the DJ Music culture. We are promoting all types of music and DJs through our platform and organically a revolution is happening. As for dreams becoming a reality, we are working on a platform for the DJ world that may redefine DJing as we know it.

Is there a possibility to make FUNKTION HO– USE a global platform?

That’s the plan. Through partnerships and collaborations we are growing every day. People are excited to be a part of what we are doing. Every time a person leaves The Funktion house it’s with a great feeling. The internet makes it possible to become global and we will continue to work hard until we reach that point!


By Alissa Zarrabi

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