I remember my first phone interview. I was 12 years old and a woman wanted to call me because she needed me to babysit her three kids. I can recall her number popping up on my phone, immediately giving me a pit in my stomach. I knew that I had the job in the bag but I hated talking on the phone. My voice would quiver, and I would get all shy and awkward. I always felt much more confidant face to face with individuals. The pit in my stomach never went away through applying to high schools and colleges, and finding summer jobs. I always would sit with my foot fidgeting as I waited anxiously ring after ring for the other end of the line to pick up. So it goes unsaid that when I first arrived at BELLA and heard that part of my internship required me to call various businesses and pitch them different things in regard to BELLA I was petrified. I had no clue if I was going to be able to do this in a confidant manner.

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Now I have only five days left here at BELLA, and I have called probably over 300 businesses. It didn’t hit me until last Tuesday when I hung up the phone after dealing with a difficult office manager that I was finally comfortable talking on the phone. I didn’t react to the rude regards in a negative way. I simply proceeded and called the next company on my list. I had finally realized that the individuals on the other end of the phone did not matter. They don’t mind if I stumble slightly or forget to mention something because they are in the same boat. I realized that I was flying through my call lists, not thinking twice about being nervous. It had become natural to me.

Being more confidant on the phone is just one of the many skills that I have had the chance to develop at BELLA. My first week at BELLA I walked into the office overwhelmed. Everyone was shuffling around the building doing his or her daily routine, but I was the newbie. I had no clue where to get my visitor’s pass, or which elevators would take me to the 23rd floor. I didn’t understand why there were random pages from the magazine dispersed all over the back wall. But now I turn around at my desk and I see the upcoming September/October issue spread across the back wall. Those pages are no longer a mystery. I understand the inner workings of BELLA and I can proudly say I helped with the makings of the latest issue.

Not only is the latest issue coming along great, but also the date of the Hamptons Celebrity White Party is quickly approaching. I can’t believe that it’s already next weekend. One would think we have been hectically planning and cramming. But for the most part things are almost ready to go. The gift bag goodies have arrived, and the venue looks spectacular. I cannot wait! You can look forward to details about the event in my post next week!


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