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Texas Rose: Hayley Orrantia on Music, Acting and Balance

| November 1, 2014 | Reply

Texas Rose: Hayley Orrantia on Music, Acting and Balance

Actress and singer/songwriter, Hayley Orrantia, is currently on the “Goldbergs,” which airs its second season as a part of ABC’s primetime Wednesday lineup this fall.

Beautiful, sophisticated and a classic double threat with her lovely voice and acting prowess, Orrantia is an example that women can have it all.   

Originally from Highland Village, Texas, Hayley Orrantia broke through and made the most of her opportunity as a contestant on Season 1 of “The X Factor USA.” The then 19-year-old parlayed her musical talents into an accomplished acting career, landing the role of Erica on the “Goldbergs.” She has set herself apart in her young career and showcased a wealth of talent and range of abilities that has her poised to continue her path to stardom. 

The multitalented singer/songwriter and actress sat down with BELLA NYC to discuss her thoughts on music, acting, fashion and how she maintains and finds balance in her life.

The ABC sitcom “The Goldbergs” has been met with impressive reviews. Your character Erica is a strong female role in this comedy set in the 80s. How has your life shaped your character as a smart and sassy big sister?

I grew up as an only child so I’m not used to the whole older-sibling situation, but working on the show has been a blast. The 80s were so different from today and it’s hard to compare my life to that period.

Having successfully added acting to your acclaimed musical talents, your career has brought you a long way in a short time. Which skills helped you make the transition from music to acting?  

Oh, that’s a tough question. It’s definitely time management. I was on “The X Factor” years ago, prior to being on “The Goldbergs” and the hustle and bustle of the whole industry. That quick lifestyle helped me make the transition. In filming the show, we often rise early and work long days. Obviously, the artistry is very different. Music is all about listening and feeling something, whereas in acting – for my character at least – we’re trying to imitate something on a real family level. It’s a little different, but it definitely comes down to managing my time.

We imagine that with your accomplishments comes less personal time and a fuller schedule. How do you find and maintain a balance between the two?

While I’m working on the show I have a hard time maintaining a social life or anything else, but I still try to do my best to stay in contact with family and friends and go out on weekends when I can. 

… and keep up on Instagram and Twitter?

Always, always, always – even when I’m on the set. But, more than anything though, I had to put my music on the back burner because there was just no time to play or record or write anything. So when filming wraps, I get to transition back to my music.

As someone who has successfully broken into two industries, what advice do you have for people trying to forge their own path in this modern, fast-paced world?

My advice would be just keep trying.  You’re going to be told “no” a lot.

Does that get tough?

Yes, it does. At some points you just think, “Well, there’s no point now,” but you just have to keep moving and pushing and eventually things will work out in some way or another. That’s really the best advice I can give because so many people end up giving up or changing their minds about what they want to do based upon what other people think.

You have served as an ambassador for the nonprofit Texas Music Project since 2009. Has your experience working to promote music education given you a different perspective on singing or playing music?

When I write my music, it’s not just about singing about a boy or anything, even though I do have those songs. I really like to write music that hits home, [so I] try to write about things that are important. That way it’s more of a story than just putting words to a song.

Promoting music education in schools is very important to me. Growing up, my music and acting weren’t necessarily supported by the school I attended, and that’s something I’m trying to help change.

Erica definitely has the greatest fashion sense on “The Goldbergs.” What is one item –  accessory or piece of clothing – that you think is key to someone’s closet?

Oh, I think a good moto jacket or something like that. I recently lost my leather jacket, but for me a good leather jacket can go with anything. I definitely have to go get a new one; I hope to be able to do it while I’m here in New York.

As a child of the 90s, which 80’s fashions from the show have you incorporated into your own personal street style?  

Well, I’ve noticed that the high-waisted shorts and skirts are definitely back, so I have a few of those. I went out and bought some scrunchies, but they haven’t really gone to use just yet (laughs). I noticed that jelly shoes are back, but I don’t really like them, so those are definitely not becoming a part of my own style.

And that answers my next question: Which fashions do you think should be forever tossed in the hamper of time? The jelly shoes?

Definitely. No jellies!

How often do you come to Manhattan, and what are some of your favorite hot spots, boutiques and restaurants? What places are you looking forward to visiting?

I actually don’t get a chance to come here often, which is sad because I used to want to live here when I was younger. I absolutely love New York.   haven’t been here in a while, so I’m not familiar with as many places as I want. But I know I absolutely have to go to a New York pizza place – I have to! I’m also kind of a foodie, so anywhere people recommend, I’m there.

I saw that giant Forever 21 store in Times Square, and it looks amazing and I’m curious to check it out.  That’s probably the one store that I really have to go to now that I’m here, along with Free People. That’s another great brand I really enjoy wearing.

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