It’s hard enough being single in the city now a-days, especially with NYC’s female population ruling over the male inhabitance. We are workaholics with very little time for trial and error, especially the dreaded blind date. The sad  (but truthful) fact is most New York relationships and marriages are a direct result of online dating. Can you just imagine Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda checking their Tinder app at Sunday brunch? It takes a lot of the romance and grace out of it. I recently had a wine date with some of my coworkers (both in steady long term relationships) and we got onto the topic of “Tinder”. They actually never heard of the app before, which totally boggled my mind. Let’s just say, they thought it was the most entertaining thing since TV.  I had to laugh at their reactions to the modern day “hot or not” swipe action, left if it’s a no go, right if you approve.

Throughout their roars of laughter and witty comments, I had to think… is this real life? Isn’t there a better way to date without resorting to online debauchery? What I’ve learned about online dating; if they seem to good to be true, they usually are. Don’t you just wish it could happen like a typical movie scene? Picture yourself walking down the street in a flowy maxi dress on a sunny day, you stop at the flower shop near your apartment and BAMN there is the man of your dreams. He politely smiles at you, starts the conversation, and casually asks for your number, the rest is history. Clearly, I have thought about this scene a few times. A girl can dream right?

Now back to reality! It’s just you and your iphone on a Friday after a demanding week at work, glass of wine in hand. I am going to say what everyone tip toes around, Tinder is the easiest most non- committed social media/dating app. You don’t have to put deep thought into a clever bio, or sign up with monthly fees. It’s really quite simple and has a sort of instant gratification.  DO: upload a few pics of yourself, keep your bio short and sweet, don’t share too much personal info, be as picky as possible. DON’T: post pictures standing with a group/crowd of people, show too much skin, include your X on your photos. I’m not saying your 100% gonna meet “the one”, but hopefully at least make some new friends or go on a hot date. Look at the bright side, worse case scenario you will be highly entertained.




#YOSO (you only swipe once)


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