Summer Workout Tips: Make the Outdoors Your Personal Gym, No Equipment Needed

Who says you need to be in a gym to get in a workout? Adam Sanford, founder of Adam Sanford Fitness in NYC, says otherwise, so enjoy this body-burning workout while you’re on the go this summer. Whether you’re heading to the beach or to the park, all you need is your body and some water to hydrate under the warm summer sun.

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A Workout On The Go

This workout requires no equipment and very little space. All you need is some water and possibly a yoga mat.

Warm Up

  • For this warm up there are four exercises. Do each exercise for 30 seconds three times through, with little to no rest in between.

1) Squat – Stand with feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart, hips stacked over knees, and knees over ankles. Send the hips backwards as the knees start to bend keep the chest and shoulders upright. Push your heels into the floor and lower down until your hips and knees form a parallel line with the floor. Hips should be pushed back with a natural curve in your low back for total muscle usage.

2) Jack – Jump the feet out and in while raising the arms up and down. For the purpose of this warm slightly bend the elbows and raise to to shoulder height. Focus on engaging your abdominals and staying off your toes. Use the sole of the foot to avoid strain in the calves.

3) Side Hops – Pushing off of the floor, move laterally keeping the knees soft and torso upright. The movement is small and quick. You should land softly and feel like you are floating from side to side.

4) Butt Kicks – engaging your abdominals with you chest up and shoulders down and back, move you feet quickly, kicking your butt. You should feel a stretch in your quads and hips.

Rest 1-2 minutes between warm up and the workout


    For the main workout there are six different exercises. Alternate between 60 seconds and 30 seconds. Repeat for a total of four rounds, resting 30 seconds between each round.

  1. Lateral Lunge into Low Squat – 60 seconds – Step out to the right and shift your body weight over your right leg, squatting to a 90 degree angle at the right knee. Try to sit down with your butt, keeping your back as upright as possible. Step the right foot back in and squat low, pushing you hips back. Reach towards the floor and press weight into heels. Repeat all steps on the left side.
  2. Power Push Up – 30 seconds- Start in a high plank with shoulders directly over your writs. Jump both feet in, using your low abs to drive your knees forward towards your chin. Hop feet back out into your high plank. For part two of this exercise, bend both knees and drive your hips back toward your heels. Push of the floor and power your body forward to complete a full push up. You can modify the push up by dropping your knees to the mat.
  3. Giant Reverse Lunge into Kick – 60 seconds- Take a large controlled step back with your right foot lowering your hips to the floor. Keep weight in the front foot and extend the right foot back so that it is extend straight. The left knee should remain over the front ankle. Push off the floor and come upright extending the right leg into a kick. Repeat on the left.
  4. Traveling High Knees – 30 seconds- Standing tall start to sprint pumping your arms and brining the knees up so the are inline with your hips. Use lower abs bring knees high. Start to travel laterally back and forth for the length of a mat
  5. Modified Rainbow Plank into Twisting Plank – 60 seconds – Start in a modified plank with your forearms on the ground and shoulders directly over your elbows. Raise hips from right to left drawing a big rainbow or half circle. For the second part of the exercise open up you chest to the right, twisting your torso. Repeat on the left and start from the top.
  6. Four Mountain Climbers into Two Tricep Push Ups – 30 seconds – Begin in a high plank. Alternate driving knee forward in a sprint. Repeat this for a total of four reps. For your tricep push up rotate elbows back and slowly lower down feel you elbows brush against your ribs engaging your triceps. Repeat for two reps.


Adam Sanford is the founder of ‘Adam Sanford Fitness’ (ASF) as an innovative workout with an athletic approach to dance. ASF combines a signature collection of dance cardio, high intensity interval training, strength and resistance training, as well as small muscle sculpting and toning. Adam has appeared in the national touring and Broadway companies for WICKED, Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella, Footloose and Crazy For You, as well as various other musical productions across the country. As a dancer, Adam quickly realized the importance of maintaining a strong and healthy body and quikcly transitioned to a career in fitness. Adam is now a leading trainer and fitness instructor in New York City. 

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