Summer Beach Workout: Moves from Keoni Hudoba

As a Barry’s Bootcamp trainer, Men’s Health Magazine Fitness Council member, co-founder and creator of the Cyc Fitness Method, and spokesperson for VitaFusion, Keoni Hudoba is a mainstay in the fitness industry. You also might recognize him from the recent #StrongerEveryDay Muscle Milk ad.

Here, he shares how his own personal transformation led him to inspire his many followers, along with three of his favorite outdoor workout moves you can do right now!

Keoni’s Life-Changing Fitness Journey

He lost 100+ pounds in 2003 after gaining weight in college. It was a “radical transformation of mind, body, and spirit,” he says—and that inspired him to pursue fitness and wellness as a career.

3 Outdoor Workout Moves That’ll Tone You Up

Move 1:

Tricep Dips with Kick Outs
Tip: Every time you dip, kick one leg straight out in a plyometric motion.

Move 2:

Decline Diamond Push-Ups
Tip: Place your hands under your chest in the shape of a diamond, keep your chest out and shoulders back, keep your core engaged, and elevate your legs on a park bench.

Move 3:

Box/Bench Jumps into a Burpee
Tip: Use the same park bench you used for Move 2 to jump (or step) up, then return down into a burpee—bend over, squat, place hands on the floor, then while holding your upper body in place, kick your legs back until you are in plank position). Jump back up and repeat.

Fitting in Your Summer Workout Routine (Even If You’re Away Every Weekend!)

Take Hudoba’s advice:

  • Make time when you first rise.
  • Go for a run on the beach or a bike ride through town.
  • Get the workout out of the way so you can conquer the day!

Watch Men’s Health’s fitness app for Hudoba’s exclusive moves developed specifically for those on the go!

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