Star at Home – Make Your Celebs Favorite Dish

To give diners a peek inside and experience the dishes their favorite celebs enjoy most when in Miami, these star chefs at hotspot restaurants are unveiling their recipes so home cooks can attempt them without the ever so present Hollywood judgy side-eye.


Aushak Dumplings

by Executive Chef Angel Leon

Celebrity who loves this dish: Justin Bieber

Dumpling 4 ea
Lamb ragu 3 oz
Feta sauce 2 oz
Paprika scattered
micro herbs pinch
Mint, dried scattered



Steam dumplings.
Warm up the lamb ragu.
Spoon the feta sauce on the plate, place the dumplings on top, spoon the ragu.
Finish with dried mint, paprika and micro herbs


dill .25 #
flowering chives 3 #
Leeks 2 #
cilantro .25 #
Corriander Seed, Ground 3-4 TBS
Salt/Pepper t/t



1. Rough chop dill, slice flouring chives small, brunoies leeks, rough chop cilantro
2. Sweat ingredients

Lamb, ground 5 #
Yellow split peas (soaked) 2 cups
Onion, yellow (large) 4 ea
Garlic 8 cloves (4 oz)
Tomato, whole canned, crushed, strained 5  cups
Cumin 1 TBS
Ground Corriander Seed (good quality) 2 TBS
Salt/Pepper t/t
Tumeric 1 tsp



1. Soak the yellow lentils under water for at least 1 hour
2. In a large sauce pan heat 4 TBS of olive oil, add garlic and onion. Sweat
3. Add the tumeric, corriander, cumin, ground lamb and tomatoes
4. Cook for about 20-25 minutes

Feta 8 oz
Yogurt 1 ct
Garlic 3 ea
salt t/t


1. In a vita-mix combine feta, yogurt, garlic and salt
2. Blend until a vortex forms
3. Blend until smooth and strain


Ceviche Traditional 

by Executive Chef Carlos Estarita

Celebrity who loves this dish: Audrina Patridge


Always use fresh market fish.

Leche de tigre base

·         250g lime juice

·         8g  garlic

·         6g  ginger

·         50g red onion

·         6ea cilantro stems

·         30g celery

·         3ea aji limo no seeds

·         9g  kosher salt

·         110g  fish

·         210g ice


·         Get all veggies and fish trim and cut into small rough chunks, season with salt

·         Keep mix in bowl over ice. (must remain cold at all times.

·         Squeeze lime juice. (first press only)

·         Add lime juice to mix and add ice let marinate for about 5min.

·         Puree mix in about half of the liquid but only pulse about 3-5 times

·         Strain with chinois and combine with rest of liquid.

·         Leche de tigre is ready, keep cold at all times


To finish ceviche:

·         Diced raw fish season well with sea salt

·         Let sit for approx. 2 min

·         Add chopped cilantro and aji limo

·         Add leche de tigre to cover fish and let sit for approx. 2 min

·         Place in bowl and garnish with canchas, choclo, sweet potato and red onion

Villa Azur

Roasted Dates 

by Executive Chef Erwin Mallet

Celebrity who loves this dish: Darren Criss

Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

Serving: 4 people


36 pitted dry dates

12 slices of Bayonne Prosciutto

Manchego cheese: 4oz

Honey: ½ tbl spoon

Heavy cream: 1 cup


Melt half the Manchego cheese with the cream in a saucepan, salt and pepper, boil and then mix everything together in a blender.

Put aside in a cooler

Stuff the dates with Manchego cheese: 2gr per date

Wrap the dates 3 by 3 with one slice of Bayonne prosciutto


Bake the dates in an oven at (400F) for 4 minutes, then top the dates with honey and re-bake for 1 minute.


Plate and serve with the dressing on the side.

Brasserie Azur

Braised Beef Short Ribs 

by Executive Chef Erwin Mallet

Celebrity who loves this dish: New England Patriot’s Rob Gronkowski

For 4 pax 

Beef short ribs: 3lbs 

Fresh Florida orange juice: 1 liter

Florida orange: 2pc

Veal stock: 1 liter

Fresh ginger: 1oz

Salt & pepper

Smoked paprika: 10gr.

Honey: 2oz.

Onion: 1pc

Carrots: 1pc

Garlic: 1pc

Thyme: 1 bunch

Rosemary: 1 bunch

Leeks: 1pc

Celery: 1pc


For the side:  

Mashed potatoes

Yuckan gold potatoes: 2lbs.

Milk: ¼ liter

Butter: 4oz.

Salt & pepper


Sautéed spinach 

Spinach: 8oz.

Garlic: 10gr

Olive oil


The day before start to season your meat with the salt, pepper, ginger (ground), paprika and brush with the honey

Stock your short ribs in a container and cover the meat with orange juice

Marinate for 12 hours minimum

Clean and cut all of your vegetables (carrots, leeks, onion, celery, garlic)

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees

Take your meat out from marinating and dry a little bit on a towel.

In a brassier, pan-sear the meat on a high temperature (1 min on inch side) and the meat should begin to caramelize

Put your meat on a tray and in the same brassier, pan roast all of your vegetables and top with the meat. Re-cover with the marinate and veal stock.

Add thyme and rosemary & boil for 2 minutes, cover with a lid and cook in the oven for 3h30minutes.


For the mashed potato:

Clean the potato and put in a pan with water and salt and cook for 1 hour on a medium temperature

Warm your milk and start to peal the potato, mash your potato with the grounder and add the milk.  Correct the seasoning with the salt and add all the butter (It will be better if your butter is precut on a small cube and very cold)


Zest your oranges and blanch them 3 times

Mix the zest with brown sugar and 1 cup of water and cook all until the zest is a confit but not caramelized


When your meat is ready, take it out of the juice and portion 8 oz. to 10 oz.

Reduce the cooking juice until a slightly thick sauce is obtained and strain all


Sear your meat until a good color and deglaze with the sauce

Sauté your spinach with garlic salt and pepper

And start to plate in a pasta bowl (it’s better and more gourmet)

Start to plate with the mashed potato in the middle, topped with the spinach,

Put your meat on the spinach and be generous with the sauce all around the mash

Use you orange zest confit and decorate your meat with it

It’s ready to eat. Bon appétit !

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