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Shop our smart, state-of-the-art product guide to help boost your home’s IQ.

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Set Your Sights

Get the full Samsung Galaxy View entertainment experience by streaming video and media content on the largest Android mobile device on the market. You can enjoy a new level of multimedia experience, such as video, music, and games, as well as richer social communication with video calls and the Family Square feature, which provides a customized dashboard connecting you to friends and family members. $549,


Take Control

The Logitech Harmony Elite is an innovative, state-of-the-art home control for your entertainment and smart devices. It works with over 270,000 devices, enabling you brilliantly take control of everything from your TV and gaming systems, to smart lights, locks, even your Amazon Echo. $299.99,



Rise and Shine

 The BEDDI Glow is an intelligent alarm clock with a wake-up light.With BEDDI Glow’s sunrise- simulating light, you can wake up naturally, listen to your favorite music from Spotify or Apple Music, and customize settings through the free mobile app. The device also contains an adjustable mood light composed of 16 million colors. $79.99,


Keep Watch

Blink is an ultra-affordable, sticky note-sized home security and video monitoring system. Feel safeand protect your family at home, even remotely, in a way that fits your budget and active lifestyle. The wireless, wire-free, battery-powered system is set up by the user and active in minutes–perfect for both renters and homeowners alike. Starting at $99,


Get Connected

Ready to see the light effortlessly? Caseta Wireless, an affordable smart home solution, controls lights from anywhere and will automatically adjust to time changes. For those dark mornings, Caseta dimmers can gradually turn on the lights and warm the temperature to the perfect wakeup. Control your lights, shades, and other third-party devices using the Pico remote control or your iOS/Android smart phone or tablet. $99, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowes


Listen Up

 No indoor or outdoor party is complete without some good tunes. The BRAVEN 2200MBluetooth Premium Home Speaker is an advanced portable speaker that uses Bluetooth Smart technology and the Braven Smart App to unlock powerful sound and remarkable features. With 10 hours of playtime, the speaker delivers deep, rich bass, and powerful volume levels for a home audio experience unlike any other.  $299.99,



Take Note

Your grocery list just got a major upgrade. Bamboo Slate is a lightweight, smart notepad that digitizes your handwritten notes and drawings. Write it down on paper and with a push of a button (it’s that easy!), your notes are digitally saved and synced to your smart phone and/or tablet. $129.95-$149.95 (small and large),



Discover Art

TAPPAN is digital platform offering an incredible range of artwork (paintings, photography, sculptures, etc.) by leading emerging artists. The service helps you discover the coolest new talent and innovative artwork in various media and prices without gallery mark-ups. All you do is make your art selections with a size, mount, and frame. You’ll be feeling more sophisticated (and have fewer bare walls) in no time!


Work from Home

The SmartDesk by Autonomous is a stylish and affordable electric standing desk that lets you sit or stand while you work–perfect for the modern home office. There’s even an “AI Box” add-on that learns your habits, tracks activity, and advises you when it’s time to sit or stand, helping you develop healthier working habits. It also syncs with productivity tools like Google Calendar and fitness wearables, like Fitbit. Starting at $299,


Light the Way

Add some ambiance wherever you like. The battery-powered Revogi Smart Candle is designed to be portable, simple, and elegant. It’s an affordable way to add a colorful touch around your home–great for both indoor and outdoor use. The smart candle will flicker and illuminate like a real flame candles, without the risk. And unlike real candles, it can also change color to suit your moods. $19.99,



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