Solo Cruising: A Vacation With Some Scope!

It’s a bit of a left-field approach to taking a vacation, but taking a solo cruise might be the break that will benefit you the most! No family to worry about, no friends to cater for, it’s just you, the sea and your thoughts. Here is why you should think about this as your next vacation choice.

You’ll Have A Cabin To Yourself

No more sharing, you’ll have a bed, and you can choose to be as messy or as clean as you want without anyone to tell you otherwise. You want to watch TV? Go for it! You want to leave the bathroom door open? Do it! The world is your oyster, and you can treat your living space just as you want.

The Sights

Of course, taking a solo cruise isn’t just about enjoying time to yourself; you’ve got the typical vacation fare too! If you’re looking for a cruise that’s not going around the tropics or somewhere with blistering heat, you can cruise Norway and view some beautiful fjords. Taking a cruise somewhere off the beaten track will give you some time to view the world differently. And I’ve gotta say, if you really aren’t a palm tree sort of person, European cruises where you get to see some stunning mountains and radiant beauty are a really great choice.      

If You Want Something To Do…

There are usually solo activities, so if you really want to make the most of your time, you could get involved with some of the daily events. Some are catered for the solo traveler in mind. Some can be good and some not so good. And if they’re not worth your while, at least you had a look. Get on the deck and read a book with a nice mojito instead.

Finding Yourself…

For many people, the idea of going somewhere alone sounds like the very definition of loner loser. But people go traveling solo all the time, and it’s not like backpackers get any stigma! Backpackers go and explore the world to find out who they really are, and going on a cruise is a much more comfortable way of doing it! It’s like staying in a mobile hotel. If you really want to spend some time delving into yourself in a soul-searching type of way, then you can do that on a cruise.

There Are Plenty Of Other Solo Cruisers

To hammer the point home, it’s not a bad thing to go away by yourself. In fact, there are people who have chosen the exact same vacation for the same reasons. A lot of people like their own company, and there is nothing wrong with that. A cruise is a great way to get out of the rat race and get some perspective on life, which might sound grandiose, but a few weeks without going online all the time and seeing many parts of the world from a comfortable mode of transport will make you see the world completely differently!


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