Safr-Women Car Service App


As technology keeps advancing in our society, we have all become more and more reliant on driver service apps to get us from point a to point b. And for women especially, there is always a feeling of anxiety when getting into a complete strangers car. Safr is the first car service made only for women passengers! All the drivers are background checked, and the rides are monitored 24/7. The app even includes a feature that enables riders to contact Safr directly, 911, and even her own emergency contact. The company began in Boston in 2017 and is continuing to grow. By September 2018, Safr is improving their availability in Boston, and starting car services in Orlando and Washington D.C.. They’re also working alongside local college bars and restaurants to encourage women who may have had too much to drink to use Safr instead of other apps. Women shouldn’t have to feel at risk after a night of fun with friends, and Safr helps remove those concerns. Go check out the app!

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By Anna Jewell

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