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Reflections on Beauty: Winter Wonderland

| December 3, 2012 | Reply

by Courtenay Cooper Hall

I’m sitting here thinking about what a whirlwind this past week has been. This past Thursday, we hosted our first Winter Wonderland event at Grand Oaks Country Club.  So much planning and effort went into this event & fashion Show, which benefited the 250 Staten Island University Hospital Employees that were devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Although there were several moments of stress and anxiety in preparing for the evening, I must say, it ended up being…well what can I say, so very BELLA!

 I loved the Diane & Co. Fashion Show, the live reindeer, the Christmas carolers, the BELLA beauty lounge, and the amazing vendors who came out for the evening with wonderful gifts for the holiday season. 

But, what I loved the most was the outpouring of support from our community and friends of BELLA.  We were able to raise $10,000 for the Staten Island University Hospital Employee Relief Fund, and the Joseph Maffeo Foundation matched it!  Although it is just a very small start in the rebuilding these people’s lives, I am grateful to our supporters that they were so generous to help with that fresh start.

Honestly, I can’t even imagine. 

It’s almost Christmas, and just a few weeks ago I lost everything I own in a storm one night. It is honestly an overwhelming thought.  But, when I was talking to some of those affected during the evening, they were upbeat and positive and looking to rebuild as soon as possible. It really is inspiring. People always say they are inspired by what I write and some of the things I do. It’s funny, because I see it the other way around; I write about the people who inspire me. 

Me – an inspiration? I am a mom of three, who’s house is a mess half the time, who is usually late to events, misses deadlines and to be totally honest, I have even been referred to by a few coworkers as “controlling”. Doesn’t sound so inspired… LOL! 

But, this is life and we get it wherever we can. I am inspired by God, my family and the generosity and kindness of others. I aspire everyday to be more like the people for whom we held Winter Wonderland, our caregivers and first responders.

Every day is a new day to be a more BELLA you!

~Courtenay Cooper Hall

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