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Dear Bella Readers,

One of the definitions of youthfulness is: of, pertaining to, or having the appearance of freshness and vigor. As we get older we start to see some subtle (or not so subtle) changes in our faces which can cause us to feel less confident and less youthful. I want to share with all of Bella’s blog readers one of the top beauty breakthroughs of 2013 that can help restore your youthfulness. It is the latest advancements to lift and contour the lower face and neck. Precision Tx, sometimes referred to as the “Laser Lift”, is a sophisticated laser technology that tightens skin and stimulates collagen production. The results are a more sculpted, firmer, more youthful looking lower face, jaw line and neck. I compare it to “shrink wrapping your face.” Ideal candidates are both men and women who have some laxity of the lower face and neck and/or extra fat in the jowls and under the chin. Precision Tx is a one-time treatment which takes about 1 hour in my office and is performed using local anesthetic. There is virtually no scaring. There are only 3 very tiny incision points which are hidden underneath jaw line and both earlobes. They are so small that they do not require any sutures. This is an excellent procedure for people who want a sculpted more defined lower face and neck with minimal downtime. Rejuvenating effects are visible one month post-treatment with full results 6 months after the procedure.

I welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person to discuss whether the Precision Tx is right for you. Please note that for the month of February, I am offering a free consultation to all Bella’s blog readers. Mention Precision Tx when booking the appointment.  You can reach my office at 212.988.5656.

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