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Positively Ernie

| July 7, 2014 | Reply

By TV’s Ernie Anastos  

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I believe in positive thinking and more positive news.

As someone who has been anchoring the news in New York for many years, I am often faced with the challenge of reporting difficult information. We know that bad news can influence people’s lives and attitude and that’s why I look to find more positive stories to report. 

As anchor of the “FOX 5 News at 5pm” and a daily commentator on the New 710 WOR radio, I’m hoping these uplifting stories can make a difference in how we think and feel. 

It’s also great to meet people who are enthusiastic about encouraging positive ideas and experiences that can help change lives, our communities – even the world!

“We Will Survive” 

Ernie and Gloria Gaynor

Gloria Gaynor’s 1978 Grammy award winning song, “I Will Survive” instantly became an emotional anthem by all her fans. Over the years, the song’s message of overcoming a bad relationship has taken on a broader meaning for people who triumph over any difficult situation in life.

The powerful reaction to the hit song inspired Gloria to put together a wonderful book, “We Will Survive.” In a recent TV interview, Gloria told me about the thousands of personal messages she has received from people worldwide whose lives have been transformed by this timeless song. 


I must tell you that Gloria’s new book captures 40 unique stories about encouragement and inspiration that will make you feel good. These are true stories of people beating the odds, from the hardships of Super Storm Sandy to the emotional words of an Auschwitz survivor. Each one is a symbol of victory.


“We Will Survive” is very special. It’s a dynamic book about people finding hope and courage – and the power of a song. Thank you, Gloria!

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Keep watch for “Positively Ernie” in future issues of BELLA NYC. And for more uplifting news, tune in to “FOX 5 News at 5pm” and listen to the New 710 WOR radio. If you also want to be part of this growing initiative, please send your thoughts to [email protected]. Together we can make a difference. Stay tuned, and stay positive.


  • America’s host Regis Philbin is a terrific friend with a positive attitude who says, “You are as good as anybody and better than most.”
  • Legendary star Gloria Gaynor says, “Find your strength, it’s there waiting for you and it works wonders.”

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