Personalize Your New York City Wedding

New York City couples who desire a special song for their wedding ceremony can now choose an original composition written exclusively for them by a team of experienced composers.

“As opposed to settling for standard music that’s been played thousands of times before at other wedding ceremonies, couples can now select their own music that is written only for them and no one else,” explains Stephen Westenferd , one of the founders of “I Do Songs.”

The concept entails a very unique songwriting service that offers couples their own personalized song for their ceremony. These songs can include the Prelude, which is played as guests arrive for the ceremony; the Processional as the bride walks down the aisle; the Interlude which can include lyrics and is sung during a special moment such as the lighting of the candles; and the Recessional as the wedding party leaves the ceremony.

These original songs are the brainchild of “I Do Songs,” a songwriting service that provides couples with their own personalized music for their ceremony. There are very few, if any other, songwriting concepts like this.

The people behind the songwriting are all experienced composers and lyricists with degrees in composition and musical theory. Westenferd co-wrote the musical, “June, July and August,” that was produced by the Shawnee Playhouse in the Poconos. They have been writing wedding songs for more than 20 years and recently decided to offer their service to couples with their website, “I Do Songs.”

“Up until this point we depended on word of mouth in order to drum up business, but on the advice of several couples we decided to put our service on the web,” explains Westenferd. “We don’t spend a lot of money on fancy websites or expensive advertising campaigns in order to keep the costs very reasonable for the couples we serve.”

Couples can choose various instruments for their songs, including guitar, piano, flute and violin. Each song comes with a two part harmonic arrangement. Couples confer with Westenferd or another composer over a phone call in order to discuss the various options that are available, such as choice of instruments and song genre.

Composers sometimes meet in person with couples as opposed to a phone call if the request calls for a special musical package. Couples often decide to frame the sheet music for their songs as special keepsakes that can be hung on walls of their apartments or homes.

“We would love to serve couples in New York City who may be looking for an original song composed just for them,” says Westenferd.  “We feel that having original music makes a ceremony very special. It is something that couples will always cherish.”

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