The Perfect Snacks For Binge Watching the New Gilmore Girls

We can’t wait for “Gilmore Girls: A New Day in the Life” to return to TV  via Netflix on November 25th ! For all you fellow fans, you might remember that the Gilmore girls had epic appetites from their Friday night dinners to Luke’s Diner to Al’s Pancake World.

As you’re planning to keep your post-Thanksgiving weekend clear to catch up on life in Star’s Hollow, we’ve created roundup of snacks fit for a GG binge-fest.

Coffee: High Brew’s Double Espresso would hit the spot for some “coffee, coffee, coffee!”


Marshmallows: Upgrading this classic Gilmore treat, SmashMallow premium snackable marshmallows offer fun flavors, such as Strawberries & Cream, Root Beer Float and Espresso Bean.




Popcorn: A movie night must-have in 2016 would include superfood popcorn, such as Living Intentions’ Salsa Verde or Tandoori Turmeric to sneak into the Black-White-Read movie theatre.



Ice Cream: For when Rory is ready to wallow she might reach for Tea-Riffic! London Mist Ice Cream. Plus, London Mist…setting the stage for a London proposal?!


Cereal: In college Rory was notorious for her amazing cereal combos. Maybe she’d mash-up Sweet Home Farm Pumpkin Flax with Erewhon Cinnamon Crispy Brown Rice Cereal nowadays.


Cheese puffs: White Bean Mac ‘n Cheese Crunch….yes please. I think they might munch on Beanitos at a Town Meeting.


Pop Tarts: “The Pop-tart tasted like freedom and rebellion and independence.” Some things never change. This would still be a staple of the GG diet.


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