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Kelly Stables is best known for her recurring role on “Two and a Half Men” as the bubbly Melissa, Alan’s (Jon Cryer) receptionist and on-again/off-again girlfriend. She also recently starred in the latest “Tom & Jerry” animated movie, lending her singing voice, and also appeared in last November’s “Horrible Bosses 2.”

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This adorable LA-based actress currently plays fun-loving Eden on the TV Land hit comedy series “The Exes.” We asked Stables to share a few of her beauty standbys. Here’s what she loves:

Vanity_ neutrogena bar

Neutrogena Yellow Facial Bar Soap – $2.50, – “It’s simple, it’s been around forever and cleans my pores without drying my skin. Tip: If you keep it in your shower, be sure it’s in a dry spot and not getting dripped on, otherwise the water will make it disappear like the Wicked Witch.”

Vanity_ Mothers-Special-Blend

Mother’s Special Blend Body Oil$15, – “I got turned on to this when I was pregnant. It’s all natural and contains almond and coconut oil, cocoa butter and vitamin E. I used it every day during my pregnancy and walked away with no stretch marks.  I still use it all over and love how my skin feels afterwards.”

Vanity_ My daily Word

My Daily Word – $16.95 a year, – “It reminds me that true beauty comes from within.  It takes less than a minute to read and it helps me stay centered in love.”

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Photo Credit: Photographer: Renee Farias

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