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As busy New Yorker’s, we are always on the go. Life gets stressful, things come up, we sometimes forget to make any time for ourselves.  Let’s keep it real, we have all tried the occasional yoga classes and monthly massage visits, but do you ever crave something more? Or maybe just something new? The Aire Ancient Baths located in Tribeca (dowtown NYC), is filling the gap in the relaxation market.  Aire stands for an oasis of clam that dates all the way back to ancient history. The Greeks and Romans lead their lavish banquets by inviting guests to their thermal baths.

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Aire is a thermal experience through water including several pools that vary from 50F (ice pool), 57F (cold pool), 97F (warm pool), 102F (hot pool), the salt pool (the salt density of the dead sea), and the propeller-jet bath. Another amazing addition to this underground cave of luxury relaxation is a steam room with aromatherapy. The Aire Group originated in Spain and brought the movement to NYC, restoring old buildings in historical areas. Their mission is to combine the harmony of old and new, bringing peace of body and mind.

This is a MUST TRY! Wether you are seeking a night of peace after work, need a romantic evening with your significant other, or are planning a weekend girls day the Aire Ancient Baths is simply fabulous.  Prices range from $75-$110 to use the thermal baths, they also offer many different  treatments and massages as special editions to your visit. For more info about check out

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