NYC Artist Spotlight: Steve Stanulis: Dancer, Deputy, Director


Those who are born and raised in “The City of Dreams” are often naturally wired with the will to achieve. This holds true for New York City native Steve Stanulis, who began building his unique and impressive repertoire at the age of 18.


With a passion to serve and protect, Stanulis began his career working for the NYPD after spending time as a Chippendales dancer. It was during his time with the police department that he discovered his passion to direct. He started his own show titled “Savage Men,” which was inspired by his Chippendales stage name “Steve Savage.”


When he retired from the NYPD, the decorated officer kicked his acting career into full gear with a debut performance on “The Sopranos,” all while serving as a security guard for some of most well-known international celebrities. It was in 2009 that Stanulis launched the Atlantic City International Film Festival, which was triumphantly deemed “The Sundance of the East Coast,” and released his film “The Invisible Life of Thomas Lynch,” which would later win the Audience Award for best film at the CMJ Film Festival.


With such a wide range of talents, you can catch Stanulis acting in the romantic comedy “The Networker” (along with co-stars William Forsyth, Sean Young, Jeremy Luke, Stephen Baldwin, and Alysia Reiner), directing the first ever documentary on freestyle music called “Legends of Freestyle,” and even discover more about his exclusive lifestyle in his book, “Sex and the Shield.”


Eager to hear from the man of many trades, BELLA chatted with Stanulis…


What is the best advice someone has ever given you? 


It was to make yourself indispensable in this business. Don’t be your quintessential actor who sits by the phone waiting for it to ring. If there is a lapse in work, create your own.


Out of all the roles you have played, which one was your favorite?

By far, my favorite role to date was the character of Thomas Lynch in “The Invisible Life of Thomas Lynch,” my first mainstream role about a small town hitman. We won best feature film. I was up against George Clooney for best actor, and unfortunately lost, but that was pretty amazing. It’s on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and every major outlet.


How do you define beauty?

My definition of beauty is how a person is inside. Don’t get me wrong—it starts with the physical. But after a period of time a relationship has to be based on more than sex because like everything else you have to be a compatible and a compassionate person to keep any relationship beautiful.


By Kelly Rose Bellucci 


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