NYC Artist Spotlight: Graig Weich, BeyondComics.TV

Actor and true superhero Christopher Reeve once said, “So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.”

Award-winning comic book artist and film director Graig Weich believes this to be true. The highly talented virtuoso went from sketching superheroes at the young age of 2 and “flying” around the house in his homemade cape to successfully founding his own comic book graphic novel studio known as BeyondComics.TV.

At just 15 years old, Weich’s extremely imaginative works granted him the opportunity to design the cover art for a popular video game magazine. He was then hired by Todd McFarlane of Image Comics to create the poster art for “Spawn Issue #30.” It was during this time that his distinguished career as a comic book artist took flight.

To date, Weich has been featured in Newsweek Magazine, OK! Magazine, E! Entertainment Television, VH1, AMC’s “Comic Book Men,” “The Howard Stern Show,” and ABC News, to name a few. His comic book, “Gekido,” showcases a number of familiar faces, including Grammy winner Ice-T’s wife Coco, Adrianne Curry, Donald Faison, and Gary Dell’Abate, giving the reader a celebrity-filled treat.

Last summer, Weich was featured in The Huffington Post for his recent triumph as a director. His two new films, “Code Name: Justice” and “Ravedactyl vs. Code Name: Justice,” won the award for Best Action Short sponsored by HBO’s Cinemax. Some of his most popular characters, including Gekido and Ravedactyl, have even been transformed into 12” action figures that debuted at New York Comic Con in 2016.

BELLA interviewed Weich to hear more about his exciting and action-packed life…


What is your favorite part of your job?

Challenging myself to create, design, draw, and write new, fresh, and original superheroes, monsters, and storylines that keep revealing new secrets and characters with new superpowers and skills. It’s taking what we love and putting my spin on it in a new way, making the impossible possible and working on leaving a legacy through my creations to add to the wonderful world of comic book graphic novels. I have a chance to inspire people and I feel a tremendous responsibility to do everything in my power to never give up and keep going no matter what.


How do you define beauty?

What a great question! In life, beauty for me is a kind person. I love kindness. In art, beauty for me is colors and designs that pop with detail or simplicity in such a way that it aesthetically is pleasing to the eye and generates a “feeling” of emotion in your chest that forces you to feel like creating or completing your work and doing something amazing.


Where do you see the future of BeyondComics.TV going?

It will enable me to turn my creations into movies, TV, video games, VR, animation, and more…I’m so excited that we just got signed for an action figure license deal. It’s so exciting to be able to hold my creations in my hands and play with them. I would also like to start a charity to help sick children as well, and teach the arts to kids to continue the expressionism of creativity.

By Kelly Rose Bellucci 

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