Digital Art Creative Inspired by Wilson, illy and The Watermill Center 

The Downtown  New York artist duo Craig + Karl have created IMPERSONATION: An Homage to Robert  Wilson, highlighting one of his latest collaborations with illy and their creation of The Watermill Center illy Art Collection cups. 

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The theme of IMPERSONATION served as an inspiration touch point for the NYC and London based artists Craig + Karl, who have taken their signature bold style, design, and energy, to create a digital dedication to Wilson that is both thoughtful, and lighthearted. The works have been devised in response to Bob and The Watermill Center’s recent collaboration with illy on a unique cup collection. 

The two digital graphics (GIFs) from the duo, who have collaborated with high caliber brands including MCM, Google and LVMH, use two Robert Wilson stage characters to bring the artist’s muses to life while incorporating the ‘OK’ symbolism and the notion of theatrical experimentation that is core to The Watermill Center.   Robert Wilson’s “OK” design was incorporated into illy’s iconic coffee can package to create a limited edition collector’s item.  The new illy Art Collection reaches illy retail outlets in time for the holiday season and can be found at specific illy cafés and Still images have been created as well.

The Watermill Center Espresso Cup Collection (set of 6 cups and saucers):                   $150.00

The Watermill Center Cappuccino Cup Collection (set of 6 cups and saucers):              $195.00

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