Nothing Says Summer Like A Campfire Treat: Celebrate National S’mores Day With These Goodies

Photo by Max Brenner


S’mores – they are our favorite nostalgic summer treat (and undeniably the best part of a campfire). Celebrate the gooey dessert on National S’mores Day (August 10th) with these goodies from Max Brenner and YO! Sushi:

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Max Brenner takes everyone’s love for s’mores to the next level with their Spectacular Melting Chocolate S’mores Sundae: chocolate and vanilla ice cream, layered with milk chocolate, peanut butter sauce, fluffy marshmallow, topped with toasted marshmallow and chocolate covered graham crackers. Served with white chocolate ganache and whipped cream.

The S’More Concoction is a deconstructed parfait version of the campfire classic, with layers of chocolate mousse, marshmallow fluff, crushed-up graham crackers, white chocolate chunks, and whipped cream, AND you get three sides: toffee sauce, caramelized bananas (sitting in caramel sauce), and an actual open-faced s’more.

Additionally, Max Brenner’s Urban S’mores enables diners to take their camp fire experience indoors by providing all of the tools to create s’mores with additional fondue sauces! The combo comes with marshmallows for grilling, graham crackers, and pure melted milk chocolate. Fondue sauces include: warm peanut butter, caramelized bananas and raspberry sauce.

As part of their new summer menu, YO! Sushi offers their own take on the American classic with a S’mores Bao: a fried bao bun topped with vanilla ice cream, crushed crackers, hot chocolate sauce and toasted marshmallows fired up infront of guests!

Skip the campfire and go straight for the sweets (we don’t blame you!) while they are available!

Photos by Scott Lynch

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