New York’s Hottest New Jewelry Designer Jenny Fox of Jennifer Lauren Jewelry Shares the Inspiration for her Line as well as Her Plans for the Future


As a girl’s girl I consider it my job, a self-appointed job, of course, to discuss the accessory brands I’m most excited about. And as many of you know, I’m a HUGE jewelry fanatic. I consider jewelry wearable art, that impacts not only on the person who wears it but the people, who admire it.

I have enjoyed being a jewelry collector since I was a young girl. So, when I see a line, I’m enthusiastic about, I have to spread the word. The Jennifer Lauren Jewelry line is a line all fashionistas need to know about.

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Jenny Fox, the designer of the Jennifer Lauren Jewelry line, comes from a family that’s been in the fashion industry for decades. The Fox’s family owns a high fashion clothing store, that I’m also addicted to, called Fox’s Designer Clothing. They sell top designer clothes, in several states across the United States, at affordable prices.

Jenny’s new line is exclusive to Fox’s now but is also available online. It’s a collection of sparkly, statement-making pieces with the most exquisite, impeccable details. The designs include both “of the moment” styles as well as luxury vintage-inspired pieces. They all have a luster and shine, that makes you look like you stepped out of Town and Country or The Hampton’s but without the hefty price tag.

Jenny was a pivotal behind-the-scenes player for her family’s business until recently when she decided to take her love of jewelry and jewelry designing to create her own line of baubles. It’s inspired by her love of fashion and estate pieces.

Jenny’s Jennifer Lauren Jewelry has become one of my all-time favorite, go-to lines of jewelry. I wear her pieces during the day, on TV and to events where I need to look my very best. Her shooting star earrings have become a daily staple in my wardrobe. In addition to the celestial themes, zodiac pendants, panthers, skulls and bee motifs, she also has a luxe line that’s inspired by her love of Elizabeth Taylor’s regal line of jewels.

I interviewed Jenny to discuss her inspiration as well as some of the future goals she has for her Jennifer Lauren Jewelry line…. And luckily for us it’s just in time for the holidays.

Jenny, you come from a family who is in the fashion business. Did this influence your desire to enter into the jewelry business?

Absolutely!  Fashion runs through my blood.  Ever since I was a little girl I would go into the garment district work with my Dad.  He would take me to textile shops and I would watch him select fabric.

I always remember my Father emphasizing to me how important quality was and that really stuck with me.

As I’ve told you, I’m a HUGE fan of your jewelry line, How would you describe your new line?

My line is a mix of everyday jewelry and luxe statement pieces.  I really do believe I have something for everyone.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

A lot of my inspiration comes from social media and celebrities. Some of the celebrities who inspire me the most right now are Kylie Jenner, JLo, Cardi B and anyone who wears huge statement pieces or unique items.

Have you always been a jewelry person?

Anytime my Father would go on buying trips to Europe he would bring me back a pretty piece of jewelry.  I can honestly say that’s when my appreciation for jewelry began.

Where do you see the direction of your new line going?

My line is constantly evolving with each season.  Moving forward, I can see myself expanding into other accessory items. I would like to expand into manufacturing handbags, hats, headbands and brooches. I’m all about the finishing touches.

What designers have had the biggest impact on you?

I wouldn’t really say any particular designer inspires me however I would say particular pieces inspire me.  For example, the statement pieces that Elizabeth Taylor wore always stood out to me.  Right now I am really into estate jewelry.

What role do you think social media plays in fashion, specifically jewelry fashion today?

A huge part!  I see so many one of a kind pieces on social media which I then put my own twist on it and make it accessible for everyone.

What is your favorite part about being a designer?

Watching my ideas comes to life.  I LOVE to see customers wear pieces from my various collections.

How would you like women to feel while wearing your jewelry?

I want them to feel like they are wearing a $100,000 necklace without the high price tag.  I’ve made my line specifically so that it’s accessible for all. My price range is from nine dollars to $200. I have something for everyone’s budget. I try my hardest to make sure my items won’t break the bank for my customers.  I want everyone to look and feel special.

Where can people find out more about you and Jennifer Lauren Jewelry?

They can visit my website at

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