Use this recipe from private chef and nutritionist, Ariane Resnick, and you’ll never set foot in the granola bar aisle again!

“To make these awesome little guys, throw all of the ingredients below in a bowl, stir until combined, pour in a pan, and put in the fridge or freezer,” explains Resnick, who served as Gywneth Paltrow’s private chef last summer in the Hamptons. “Get back to it in an hour, cut into bars and you’re done!”

Here is Ariane’s personal recipe for her NuttZo No Bake Granola Bars


1 cup nuts (I used raw almonds), whole or broken, doesn’t matter

1 cup coconut flakes (exchange for dried fruit if you don’t like coconut)

1 cup sprouted dried buckwheat (buckwheat is a seed, not a grain, FYI, and it’s now delightfully inexpensive sprouted and dried in the bulk section of health food stores)

3/4 cup chocolate Nuttzo

3/4 cup date puree (puree dates, or buy dates pureed)

1/2 cup cacao nibs

1/2 cup coconut nectar, honey, or maple syrup

3 scoops protein powder of choice

1 tsp salt

1 tsp vanilla

Mix together until it’s all gloppy and uniform, spread in a pan and refrigerate. That’s it.

If you have no patience, like me, put them in the freezer and they’ll be ready in a half hour. If you have patience, put them in the fridge and it’ll be more like an hour or two.

Keep them in the fridge so they stay hard until eaten, or keep frozen if you plan on having one as a grab-n-go snack later in the day.

The buckwheat gives these a Rice Krispie treat texture, so I wouldn’t omit that, but beyond that you can basically change out any ingredients here you want to keep flavors current. Add dried fruit, more nuts, change the nuts, change the protein powder, add cocoa powder, do whatever you want because you’re not baking these so you’ve got nothing to worry about.

What you see is what you’ll get when you make the batter, only it will firm up a bit once cold. If, by some chance, you add too much stuff and the mixture isn’t spreadable, just add more nut butter until it is and taste to make sure they’re still sweet and salty enough.

On cooking with Gwynnie: “I’ve cooked for Gwyneth on many occasions and was their full-time chef (for Gwyneth and Chris) last summer in the Hamptons. During my time with them, I fed celebrities including Paul McCartney, Jay Z, Ethan Hawke, Sarah Jessica Parker and Cameron Diaz. I made the family’s meals, as well as created and executed all dishes for their elaborate dinner parties of 20-40 people.”

What’s next for Ariane: “I’ve been transitioning from private chef work for families to training other private chefs how to cook more healthfully without losing any flavor or presentation appeal. This week I’m training Jeff Franklin (the “Full House” creator’s) chef (who I’ve subbed for when she’s out of town). I’m also writing my first cookbook, which will be the first of its type on the market, and I’ll be doing more TV appearances (though definitely not any more competition – I was recently on the Food Network’s “Chopped”).


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