Month of the Pearl Gift Guide: Grads and Dads

June may be the month of the pearl, but if you’ve got the overdone, traditional strand in mind – think again. This season, opt for a bohemian take on the classic accessory we all love, but (probably) never wear. If you thought this gem was out of style, you’ll want to double check.

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 Wendy Mignot’s Fine Pearls and Leather designs are making a splash this season and landing on top of your gift list for dads, grads and even the Cancer male or female in your life.

We’ve got a lot to celebrate this month, with high school and college graduations and Father’s Day, so, if you’re looking for the perfect gift you won’t have to search the ocean (or the internet) any further, Wendy Mignot has got you covered with naturally beautiful, precious pearl designs perfect for anyone.

Mignot adds a modern, more wearable twist on the traditional pearl accessory. Each design utilizes materials made and found entirely in the United States, including hand-rolled leather bands, classic freshwater, rare Tahitian, and South Sea pearls. Other accessories are adorned with shipwrecked coins, precious gemstones, sea-glassand lovely sterling silver charms.

Perfect for gifting, each necklace, bracelet, earring, and anklet is handmade and completely unique to the wearer. Classic freshwater designs for the ladies or sexy, black Tahitian pearls and shipwrecked coins for the edgy, fashion-forward man in your life. Instead of the tried and true gift card, cash or check, get them something that will last for ages to come.

Wendy Mignot’s laid-back lifestyle and mentality translates seamlessly into her gorgeous accessories. Unlike traditional pearls that can be stuffy, these designs easily translate from beach to bar, wedding to workday. Dress them up or down, even wear them in the ocean. These pearls might look dainty, but the super strong leathers were built to last and only grow stronger with time because they were made to be worn, not kept in a box.

Pearls, coins, and gemstones are carefully strung on naturally-dyed leathers and then tied with intricate knots, all hand-done by the designer herself. Only organic materials are used in Wendy’s designs, so instead of metal closures, necklaces and bracelets are secured with a lovely pearl for a complete look from any angle – front or back.

For the Grad, a pair of freshwater pearl earrings, like these timeless Coastal Petite Freshwater Pearl Studs or Coastal Single Freshwater Earrings will accent any graduation day look and will easily translate to stunning office attire after the cap and gown come off.

For dad, gift something unique he might not pick for himself, like a cool Bora Bora Single Tahitian Bracelet or Song Dynasty Bronze Coin and Tahitian Pearl Necklace.

For the Cancer girls with a birthday coming up, show them the Sun, Moon, and Stars with this necklace that’s sure to align with their moon sign or the versatile Milos Freshwater Pearl Anklet that can be worn in and out of the water.

For Cancer guys, choose something simple like the Turquoise Zak with Knots Necklace or the Carter Tahitian and Freshwater Necklace.

A gift should be a precious memento to show loved ones you care. This June, gift something that preserves the memory of that special moment. Instead of something store-bought and impersonal, choose something truly unique from Wendy Mignot Fine Pearls and Leather accessories. 

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