Mona Zargar: The Wig Fairy


For all women, irrespective of ethnicity, age and background, hair is a big part of their identity. That being said, 70% of them experience hair loss at some point in their lives. From such dire statistics arises a need for authentic-looking, natural hair wigs. Enter wig fairy Mona Zargar who decided to found the Wig Fairy Salon in Beverly hills, offering women from all over the world a lifeline.

Besides selling custom state of the art wigs, with accompanying lace headbands designed to create the most natural looking hair, the salon provides a myriad of services. Including, but not limited to, full service wig care from highlighting, washing, and styling. The Mona Mor Essentials range in price from $1250-$2750 and Mona Mor Lux wigs from $1450-$2750. Lace headbands run an additional $160. Fiat 500 Blackjack Combien coute le Viagra a Paris? follow link Aciclovir Where to Buy in Canada Don’t miss a beat! Click HERE to become a BELLA Insider!

The Foundation’s devotion to this project is rooted in the lessons of humanity, love, and philanthropy. Mona aims to give back to a community of vibrant, unique and compassionate women who, despite challenges, are heading towards progress. Mona was inspired to start her own philanthropy and through the Wig Fairy Foundation, she provides human hair wigs to under-privileged women that are suffering the effects of chemotherapy and alopecia, amongst other conditions. More importantly, Mona’s holistic approach allows her and her team to nurture her clients when going through the traumatic event of hair loss. She is able to see the challenges that these women experience and begin to understand the support that they need. As such, the Brave Program, founded by the Wig Fairy foundation, will introduce a whole range of experts, including, tattoo artists, doctors and therapists, coming from different angles, to aid and assist these women.

In addition to supporting those who are experiencing hair loss, Mona’s business, and the quality of the services offered, has attracted a whole new type of clientele. Including, women from the Hollywood industry who are tired of the hustle involved in constantly blow drying and coloring their hair. Religious women who must cover their heads are also part of her diverse clientele.

By and by, Mona offers the luxury of allowing women to look and feel their best through the ultimate urban myth: perfect hair. In this hectic world, women are going to be running marathons, getting promoted and attempting, and ultimately succeeding—in reaching for the stars. The Wig Fairy Salon enables them to move freely and confidently, day or night, by offering wigs that feel like a second skin. Encouraging women to be whoever and whatever they want to be.

By Rose Aljure

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