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Mommy Makeover: Achieving Your Best Post-Baby Body

| November 21, 2014 | Reply


Any mother can tell you that giving birth is a life changing experience. The physical changes that a womans body experiences during the nine months of pregnancy can be exciting and sometimes a bit overwhelming for women. Once their baby arrives,  women jump right into super-mommy mode taking care of baby’s every need while trying to recover from the birthing process.

Although mothers happily give of themselves time and again to their children, family and in their work and social lives, there comes a time when mothers look in the mirror and reflect on how their body has changed. A once firm tummy has perhaps softened and rounded with excess fat or loose skin, breasts may appear to sag; having lost fullness and shape,  stretch marks may mark the once-prestine skin of hips, tummy, thighs and breasts. While these body changes are well-earned badges of honor, many mothers are determined to get their pre-baby body back.

Often times after giving birth, diet and exercise alone do not reverse the changes that a woman’s body undergoes during pregnancy. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it: something I like to call the “Mommy Makeover.” This term refers to a customized combination of procedures which could include:

– Liposuction
– Breast Lift
– Breast Augmentation
– Fat Transfer
– Abdominoplasty/Tummy Tuck
– Laser Stretch Mark Removal
– Laser Skin Tightening

During a comprehensive cosmetic consultation, I determine if a combination or just one of these procedures would help to address the patient’s aesthetic goals.  My objective is to help restore my patient’s pre-pregnancy figure and, in turn, help her to feel more confident in her new and exciting role of motherhood.

One of the most common questions I am asked during a “mommy makeover” consultation is, can you combine these cosmetic procedures into one surgery?

The answer is generally, yes. For a healthy female, lengthy cosmetic procedures are reasonable, and allow the patient to achieve all (or most) of her goals with a single recovery period. Let’s face it, moms are very busy!  Smaller procedures, such as liposuction or lasers, can be done later with minimal additional recovery.

Moms schedules are hectic, demanding, active, and full of activities. Sometimes we need to remind them to take a breath and carve out some time for themselves. Many mothers tend to place the focus on the family before considering their own well-being (I know my mom did!). Countless moms who come to me for consultations are just as concerned about the recovery and healing time as the surgery itself. Recovery from a mommy makeover procedure will vary depending heavily on the combination of procedures and extent of each procedure. In addition, each person’s recovery time varies on the individual, the way their body heals, and their post-procedure care. Most of my mommy makeover patients should avoid strenuous activity for a few weeks after their procedure but most can return to lighter versions of their daily routine much sooner.

If you would like to learn more about the “Mommy Makeover” or any of the aesthetic surgical and non-surgical procedures we offer, contact our office at 212-988-5656 or email [email protected] and mention BELLA “Mommy Makeover”.

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As one of New York City’s Top Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Theodore Diktaban has been providing impeccable surgical and lifestyle enhancements to his clients for over 30 years. Dr. Diktaban is double board certified in both Plastic surgery and Otolaryngology and offers surgical and non-surgical procedures for men, women and selected procedures for teen’s and children.

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